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TV Review: Revenge: Secrecy(3.08)

                                                  Revenge: Secrecy(3.08)Review
  • I actually really like the relationship between Daniel and Sarah because they have really good chemistry and they clearly care for each other and since Emily's only using Daniel it's hard to root against them.
  • I like that Emily was able to make herself cry in order to guilt Sarah into ending her almost relationship with Daniel.
  • I liked how when Jack found out that Aiden was staying with Nolan and that he was going off to live with Emily that he was upset because he thinks of Aiden as a dangerous untrustworthy person which Aiden is.
  • I love that Nolan was setting out a bunch of sticky notes on his things that said do not break because doesn't trust Aiden enough to know not to break his things. I also really loved Nolan's list of rules for Aiden staying with him such as no killing people on the property which shows just how much Nolan doesn't trust him.
  • I liked how when Conrad saw evidence of Daniel being disloyal to Emily he didn't try to make him make any choice between women but rather he showed Daniel to a place where he could take his mistress, it's just another example of how dysfunctional the Grayson family is which is what makes them so entertaining.
  • I really don't get why Victoria keeps talking about Emily like she's a gold digger when she's clearly not because it does just make other people thinks she's crazy even though she does have good reason to distrust Emily.
  • I liked how Nolan suggested that Emily get herself a watch with this really good gps for in case her plans don't go smoothly she'll have a plan b.
  • I really love Jack's dislike of Aiden because I dislike Aiden myself and he has every reason to dislike him.
  • I found it odd that a plot where nude pictures of Charlotte where being used against her was such a minor plot that was introduced and resolved in the same episode.
  • I like how Victoria's plan to use Emily's first husband against her back fired so much with how they where actually only married so that the guy could get a green card and stay with the man he fell in love with.
  • I like that the guy that was Emily's first husband was someone who completed his revenge mission and Emily helped him get his happy ending.
  • I like that Sarah refused to get between Emily and Daniel once she see how much Victoria's plan to make Emily look bad backfires.
  • I like that Daniel wanted to end his engagement with Emily not just because of his feelings for Sarah but also because he sees how much alike Emily and Victoria are and he doesn't want to marry his mother.
  • I like that Jack told Emily that he doesn't think that Aiden is good enough for her and that he wonders how much she actually knows about the guy since he seems pretty dangerous.
  • I liked that when Emily felt like she couldn't put an ended to Daniel's and Sarah's relationship she decided to fake a pregnancy in order to insure that Daniel will marry her.
  • I was surprised and happy to see that Lydia is still alive and is willing to spill all the secrets she knows about the Graysons to Margaux.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

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