Sunday, November 10, 2013

TV Review: Revenge: Resurgernce(3.07)

                                                Revenge: Resurgence(3.07)Review
  • I liked how at the beginning of episode when Emily was talking to Aiden about all that she will soon be leaving behind she mentions Charlotte and Nolan, I like this because it shows who she will miss the most although with Charlotte I think it's somewhat the relationship they could of had rather the one they do but with Nolan it's the relationship they do have.
  • I kind of like how Conrad wants Victoria to stay by his side enough that he's willing to blackmail her in order to ensure that she does so.
  • I really disliked Bizzy right from the start for some reason she just really rubbed me wrong and throughout the episode I was just given more reasons to dislike her.
  • I found it sad that Nolan's one chance to make amends with his father before he died was ruined by an article that Bizzy wrote about him and I liked how him and Emily worked together to take her down.
  • I like how Sara had been trying to get Jack to add deserts to the Stoways menu and I like that Jack seems to be fond of her mostly because I like Sara as well.
  • I like that Daniel asked Sara to make the cake for his and Emily's wedding because he knows how much Sara loves baking and wants her to have a job where she could do what she loves.
  • I loved how Nolan mentions that Emily's influence on him over the past few years have actually been positive with him actually standing up for himself and getting revenge on Bizzy instead of just trying to move past it.
  • I liked Jack and Margaux relationship in this episode and I especially liked how Jack said his goodbyes to Amanda finally and I really loved the scene at her grave because it shows that even though he found out he didn't really know her he still loved her and continued to long after her death.
  • I liked Margaux refused to sacrifice her journalist integrity when Conrad was trying to bribe her to right lies about him.
  • I liked how Bizzy said something about how Emily and Nolan must get into all kinds of trouble together that Emily quickly says nothing worth publishing which really couldn't be further from the truth.
  • I liked how Charlotte basically pointed out to Victoria that instead of trying to destroy Daniel and Emily's relationship she should be trying to rekindle a relationship between Daniel and Sara which as far as I can see is a far more effective method.
  • I'm actually really enjoying the relationship between Daniel and Sara and I would be quite happy if after Emily gets her revenge the two of them would end up together.
  • I loved how Victoria kicked Aiden out and pointed out that he really has be a completely failure at being a use to her.
  • I'm glad that Emily sent Aiden away and I hope that means he'll be gone for at least a few episodes now.
  • I liked how Nolan was able to destroy Bizzy's career he wasn't able to bring himself to destroy her marriage.
  • I loved how Emily told Nolan that he was the friend and partner that she never expected that she would have when she started off her mission of revenge, I just really love how in this episode it was so clear that they clearly loved working together but there was this sense of sadness to them because they both knew that soon they won't be able to see each other again and won't be by each other's side and after all they've gone through that doesn't feel right to them.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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