Thursday, November 28, 2013

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Well(1.08)

                                          Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Well(1.08)Review
  • I liked how even though this episode somewhat follows Thor the dark world it isn't actually necessary to have seen the movie in order to enjoy this episode since I haven't seen that movie.
  • I liked how it was mentioned that Simmons has been avoiding her parents calls recently and I liked how Fitz has noticed this.
  • I liked how both Skye and May called Thor dreamy.
  • I liked how when it was clear that Simmons was afraid of climbing up the tree that Ward distracted her by talking to her about how she loves research.
  • I found the whole idea of a Berserker staff to be interesting with how it was based off a Norse myth that turned out to be true and how it gave beings super strength by tapping into their rage and shining on a light on the darkest parts of themselves.
  • I liked how Skye insisted on how since the staff is Asgardian that means that maybe there's something magical about it but Simmons on the other hand kept insisting that it's just science that they don't understand yet.
  • I was very worried about Ward after he touched the berserker staff because the memory about his brother clearly effected him very deeply for him to have such an emotional reaction to it.
  • I disliked how Ward went off a bot on Skye, Simmons and Fitz due to the effects of the staff but I'm glad that he realized rather quickly that he shouldn't have and that his touching the staff may have compromised his ability to complete his mission.
  • I liked how the Dr. Elliot Randolph was the one that the myth of the berserker staff was actually about and I liked how he had been living on earth unnoticed for a thousand years.
  • I liked that Elliot mentioned that he had always hated the staff and that he could tell that Ward didn't like it much either.
  • I liked how when confront the group of radicals who where after the berserker staff that Ward was willing to pick up the pieces of it in order to make sure that the rest of the team was okay.
  • I liked how after Ward had tried himself out that May told him that he should let her help and then she picks up the staff and defeats the rest of the group of fanatics.
  • I liked how Simmons decided to actually answer her parents calls by the end of the episode.
  • I find it interesting that the staff didn't really effect May much in the department of painful memories because her worst memory she sees everyday.
  • I liked how Skye reminds Ward that she is there for him if he ever needs to talk and that Ward says he may take her up on that offer someday.
  • I found it really freaky that in Coulson's Tahiti dream that when he woke up he asked "Did I fall asleep?" and the lady's response was "For a little while." which is what the dolls in Dollhouse would say after they got a new personality or a personality wipe which just leads me to believe that the Coulson in this show isn't entirely himself and well he woke up from that dream like it was a nightmare which furthers my suspicions.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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