Thursday, November 14, 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Shows that I need to Catch up On

Top 5 Thursday is a meme that I create to make lists of things involving TV and movies. I would love for anyone that sees this post to make list of their own whether it's in the comment section or on their own blog.
I've noticed recently that there are some shows that I haven't watched in a long time that I do still love that I never got around to watching again so therefore I'm super far behind on them so I thought I'd make a list of them in hopes that it will motivate me to catch up on the shows.
1. Pretty Little Liars: I really loved this show but I've only watched season 1 and the first couple episodes of season 2. I still hear and see stuff about this show all over tumblr and I really want to get caught up with the show but I never seem to do so for some reason.
2. Nashville: I really loved this show because of it's music which is so great and I thinking everyone should at least listen to the soundtrack of this show. Another thing that I love about this show is the character Juliette Barns she is my favorite character and half time she's the only thing I really care about in the episode which might not be a good thing. I don't know how I got so far behind in that I've only watched the first 15 episodes but I do plan to catch up on the show and I plan to continue to review.
3. Switched at Birth: I actually watched and reviewed the first ten episodes of this series but I didn't know when it came back and then I just never watched it because I felt like I couldn't review the episodes since they aired so long ago but I really love the show. I would really like to start watching the show again and I was wondering if you guys would be okay with me reviewing every episode.
4. Orphan Black: This is a show that I started this summer and it's a really great show that I'd recommend to anyone and it has really amazing acting and is an unusual story in that it deals with clones but does so in a way that feels realistic like it could be something that could be happening in our world and we just don't know about it. I only ended up watching like three out of ten episodes I do plan to watch the rest of them it's just that I haven't gotten around to it and since it doesn't come back until spring I haven't really felt pressured to do so.
5. Doctor Who: I only have two episodes in series 7 that I still need to watch but with the 50th anniversary coming up so soon I really want to be caught up by then so I can watch it. This is a show that I obviously still love and it's really just because it's not possible for me to watch it live that I got behind on the series in the first place so I'm sure I'll catch up soon.

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