Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book Review: Speak

                                                              Speak Review
This book is about Melinda Sordino who is dealing with the after affects of being rape during a party last summer and she soon finds herself unable to make herself speak up as time goes by. This book covers the school year and it shows how much damage the rape has done to her psychologically with along with not being able to make herself speak up, she doesn't really feel like she can trust anyone or that anyone would even listen to her if she told them the truth so she thinks it's best that she keeps to herself and keeps quiet. It's also shown that Melinda isn't doing well in school because she really doesn't feel comfortable around people or having to communicate with them so she keeps finding herself skipping classes to avoid interacting with people.

I thought that this book was really well written with how it allowed the reader to get such a good look into Melinda's head. I also really enjoyed how her art project of having create a tree using some form of art was used through out the book to show her mental state such as how the trees she was drawing for some time looked like it was dead because Melinda felt like she was dying inside. I overall really liked this book please tell me your thoughts on it.

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