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TV Review: Revenge: Dissolution(3.06)

                                                   Revenge: Dissolution(3.06)Review
  • I loved how at the beginning of the episode when Emily came over to Nolan's house and saw that it was somewhat trashed and Patrick was leaving it that she seemed really worried about Nolan, I'm also glad that he turned out to be fine.
  • I liked how Nolan talked to Emily about his connection that he has with Patrick because I like that he's so open with her but I'm a bit sad that Emily just basically told him to end the relationship because she thought it wouldn't be a good idea. I just dislike that she was so dismissive of his feelings but I liked how Nolan did agree to end the relationship for her.
  • I liked that Emily was able to foil Conrad's plans to sell Grayson Manner but partially destroying her own home and claiming that the ground was shifting and by planting false records.
  • I liked that when Jack found out about Charlotte taking the fall for Patrick's crimes that he wanted Patrick gone because he didn't want any harm to come to Charlotte.
  • I like that Patrick was able to briefly convince Nolan that they should stay together and that Emily shouldn't have a say in who he involved with because as much as I love Emily and Nolan's relationship he's right about this.
  • I felt bad for really both Sarah and Daniel suddenly coming face to face with each other after so long with their history of Daniel driving drunk one night and nearly killing Sarah in the crash.
  • I'm glad that Daniel felt really horrible when he heard that Sarah was screwed over by his family's lawyers so that she has to work ridiculously long hours to try to pay off her medical bills that his parents should have paid for.
  • I didn't like that Charlotte got Sarah fired from her job but I am glad that she got her job at the Stoway soon after even though it's clear that she has ulterior motives behind this move.
  • I like that Nolan went to Jack to talk about his conflicted feelings about Patrick because he really needed to talk to a friend and well he already knew what Emily would say. I also like how at first Nolan tried to keep up with the lies but it came to the point where it was just obvious that he was lying to Jack. I loved that Nolan decided it made no sense for them to lie to each other when they both know the truth and Nolan considers Jack a friend and he feels it's wrong to lie to him so he just tells him the truth.
  • I like that Victoria decided to leave Conrad for good because since they have nothing at the moment she has nothing to loose by leaving him.
  • I like that Nolan told Jack that he never not knew the truth about Emily and I'm glad that even though Jack was mad he allowed Nolan to explain why if they were really friends he kept this from him for so long and I liked how Nolan explained that he was looking out for Emily and that was something that Jack could understand.
  • I liked that Jack was able to convince Nolan that it was for the best that he ended his relationship with Patrick by asking him if he was sure that he wouldn't hurt anyone else and well Nolan wasn't sure. I also liked how Nolan trusted Jack to get rid of Patrick without any real harm coming to Patrick which is sadly not something he can do with Emily.
  • I like how Daniel wants to try and earn Sarah's forgiveness and that he knows that it will take a lot of work.
  • I liked how Nolan pointed out to Emily that he was feeling pretty isolated due to trying to keep her secrets and that he felt like he has had no one to talk to recently and when she points out that he can talk to her he points out that Emily wasn't really able to acknowledge that there were emotions attached to the situation for him and he really needed her to understand that. I also loved that when Emily pulls out the old you wanted to be involved in this that Nolan tells her that all he really wanted was friendship.
  • I like that in order to get Victoria to stay with Conrad Emily gave back the Grayson's their family fortune.
  • I felt sad that Victoria had to push Patrick away in order to keep him safe from Conrad.
  • I liked that Emily was upset about the fight that she had with Nolan but I hated how Aiden told her it didn't matter because he wouldn't be a part of her life in a few weeks, I just hate how Aiden is unable to accept that Emily has anyone else in her life that she cares about.
  • I'm really sad that Emily told Nolan and Jack that she won't ever see them again after the wedding because she's planning on framing Victoria for her murder.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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