Thursday, November 7, 2013

TV Review: Reign: Snakes in the Garden(1.02)

                                           Reign: Snakes in the Garden(1.02)Review
  • I'm glad that Mary and her ladies in waiting seem to have made up in this episode because at the end of last episode it looked like they weren't going to be on good terms during this one so I'm glad that I was wrong.
  • I love that Mary is trying to figure out who tried to kill her in this episode and that she is willing to consider both the English and members of French court as suspects because she knows that she has many enemies.
  • I liked how Francis's little brother Charles also seems to consider Sebastian to be is brother in the same way Francis does despite him being illegitimate.
  • I liked how Mary offered to go with in order to try to help Charles's future bride who is about seven to feel at ease because she remembers going through the same sort of thing when she was younger.
  • I liked how when Charles said Mary smelt nice Francis dreamingly agreed.
  • I liked how when Simon an English man was questioning the strength of Mary's alliance with Francis that she bravely said that it was strong and didn't show any fear from his threats until he mentioned the attempt on her life at convent.
  • I liked how when Francis say that Mary was frightened by Simon that he came over to her and got her away from him so that she could calm down. I liked how Francis told her not to show how scared she was and that even though their alliance isn't actually all that strong at the moment but he'll help her make the English think it is.
  • I was happy that it looked like Colin escaped and wouldn't be dead but sadly he was actually dead by the end of the episode.
  • I liked that the king was suspicious of the queen with how she avoid telling him about Colin's escape and that he also wanted Colin to be found alive because he doesn't seem to trust the queen.
  • I liked that Mary was able to figure out that the queen is the one that is trying to kill her but I'm sad that at first Francis refused to believe her but I understood why he couldn't because the queen is his mother.
  • I was happy to learn that Kenna and the king didn't actually sleep together last episode but it looks like they may in a future episode. I'm glad that the king is at least showing her that if a marriage is given his blessing the man will not question the woman's virtue.
  • I like that Mary asked Sebastian for help with finding Colin before the queen's men do and I like that he was willing to help.
  • I found it interesting that the ghost that helped Mary out last episode is a friend of Charles and that people usually forget about her when she's older and her name's Clarissa.
  • I found it very frightening that all of Mary's guards disappeared on her and that someone staged a poisoning of one of her dresses on a maid.
  • I liked how when Sebastian wasn't back by dark that Francis got worried about him and went to find him.
  • I find it interesting that there seems to be some type of magic people in this world with how Colin's death looked like a sacrifice and that Sebastian spoke in a language that was either pagan or druid.
  • I like that Mary played a game of marbles with Clarissa in order to get some answers about who's trying to kill her and I'm glad that she was able to get some answers.
  • I liked that when Mary learned that Simon staged the maid's poisoning that she told him that she could see that England was frightened of her and that she wouldn't want to be England's queen since they have been trying to kill her since she was a little girl.
  • I liked that Francis demanded that Sebastian tell him the language he spoke and what it means and that he didn't want any secrets between them.
  • I liked how Mary told Francis that she's sure that his mother is behind trying to kill her but she has no proof and that she doesn't feel that she can stay her with her life in danger.
  • I liked how Francis told his mother that he had suspected her being behind trying to kill Mary and that if she continued to try and kill her she will loose his love for her.
  • I liked that at the end of the episode Francis told Mary to not run but stay and that he was committed to protecting her even if his country isn't.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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