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TV Review: Reign: Hearts and Minds(1.04)

                                           Reign: Hearts and Minds(1.04)Review
  • I liked how it showed that deals between royals take a long time to become final because of not wanting to appear weak or loose allies. I also liked that Mary didn't want to beg in order to end her engagement with Francis because she was unsure that she really wanted that.
  • I liked how when Lola went to check on Bash that he said that looking at her makes him feel better and I found it interesting that Lola has nursed to of her brothers to their deaths so she no longer fears death only being alone.
  • I like that Mary wanted to tell Francis that she didn't want to go but I also like that Francis told her not to tell him that because it doesn't make him feel any better.
  • I find it interesting that Mary was only able to get out of her engagement by signing her name to the words of a prostitute who was the only one that could prove that Simon an English diplomat was the one responsible for Frances men getting ambushed and Bash getting injured.
  • I liked that Mary told her ladies in waiting that they didn't have to come with her because she felt bad about them having to move again and I love that they told her that they will go wherever she goes.
  • I liked that as time went on it become clearer and clearer that Tomas wasn't who he seemed to be and that he was actually quite cruel and had the most to gain from ambushing Frances men.
  • I like that Francis felt that there was something not right with Tomas and he kept asking around about it because he felt that it was his responsibility to look out for Mary even if she isn't his fiancés anymore.
  • I liked how Francis told Mary that he use to believe that they where lucky because they got to spend time together before they married.
  • I find it funny that because of portrait half of Europe believes that Francis is sickly and a dwarf.
  • I found the kiss between Mary and Francis at their picnic to be really passionate and really hot.
  • I found that it must have been terrifying to Mary when Tomas told her that he will be putting a lot of rules on her life and will punish her each time she does something to displease him by beating his servant.
  • I found it very admirable but also very sad that Mary felt like she had to marry Tomas because it was what was best for Scotland and as a Queen it's her duty to put her personal feelings aside for the well being of her country.
  • I liked how it was clear that Francis was pretty worried about Bash recovering through out the episode.
  • I really hated that Tomas called Mary his property but I liked that Francis clearly didn't agree with that line of thought and wanted to fight him over that statement and was only stopped by Bash who agreed with what Francis had said earlier about Tomas being a monster.
  • I liked that Clarissa gave Simon's seal to Mary in order to show her that Tomas was the spy not Simon.
  • I don't understand how Kenna has developed deep enough feelings for the king already to want to become his mistress.
  • I like that Greer gave the kitchen boy a costume so that he could go to the costume party and I love that those two kiss again. I really enjoy these two as a couple and I wish I knew kitchen boy's name.
  • I like Mary, Francis and Bash work together to find and convince witnesses to prove Tomas is the spy and that Simon is innocent.
  • I like that Francis and Bash where able to save Tomas's servant in time.
  • I like that Bash tells Francis after he kills Tomas that it's a good thing that his hands are shaking because killing is suppose to be hard.
  • I like that Kenna was able to use her relationship with the king in order to make sure that Simon isn't executed until after Mary, Francis and Bash come back with proof that Simon is innocent.
  • I liked how Simon thanked Mary for saving his life and Mary basically told him that she hopes it wasn't a mistake to save his life.
  • I liked how Mary became in charge of negotiations with Scotland and Frances and she was able to get everything that Scotland needed through the negotiations.
  • I liked how Francis told Mary that he wanted to be with her no matter what is the best political idea for France.
  • I liked that Mary thanked Clarissa for her help and I found Clarissa to look quite freaky hiding under Mary's bed.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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