Saturday, December 7, 2013

TV Review: Grimm: PTZD(3.02)

                                                      Grimm: PTZD(3.02)Review
  • I'm glad that Nick finally got cured of his zombie like state in this episode although I'm sad that he tried to attack his friends before that.
  • I liked how everyone agreed once they found out that Nick killed someone in his zombie like state that since he wasn't himself at the time and didn't even remember that time they all thought it was best to protect him.
  • I liked that Juliette was super concerned about Nick even after he woke up and that she kept making sure that he got his rest and I liked that Nick kept trying to kiss her then.
  • I like that Renard had successfully killed his brother and I found it sort of creepy that his mom called and thanked him for doing that.
  • I like that Nick wanted to turn himself in after he found out that he killed someone but I'm glad that Renard was able to convince him not to.
  • I continue to find Adalind's quest to become a hexanbiest again very creepy with all the strange and gross things she has to do.
Please tell your thoughts on this episode.

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