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TV Review: Reign: A Chill in the Air(1.05)

                                             Reign: A Chill in the Air(1.05)Review
  • I found it frightening and interesting that pagans are now luring people into the woods in order to offer them up as blood sacrifices.
  • I liked how Mary and Francis declared themselves only each other at the beginning of the episode and I liked the whole cute scene of if I was just a girl and you were just a boy.
  • I liked that when Bash was flirting with Mary he admitted that he does in fact flirt with everyone.
  • I liked how Mary said that she's easy to please as long as no one tries to kill her or take her country.
  • I liked how annoyed Greer was with the nobleman that had shown interested in her who only seems to be able to talk about pepper no matter what topic she brings up. I also liked that Greer was distracted by the kitchen boy while taking to the nobleman.
  • I liked how when the Kitchen boy saw that Greer split on her dress that he came after her to offer to try to remove it and well flirt with her. I also loved that he was able to see her without her dress on when she gave her dress to him, I found the scene very cute and I just love them together.
  • I liked how Bash told Mary who Olivia was to Francis after she asked but didn't really give away much about their relationship even though Bash clearly feels something for Mary.
  • I like how Francis very much wanted to keep his relationship with Olivia in the past but felt responsible for her because it's because of their past relations that Olivia was unable to be wed.
  • I liked how Mary was willing to give Olivia a chance despite her past with Francis and actually was friendly to her and invited her to sit with her and her friends when everyone else was looking down on Olivia.
  • I liked how when Bash saw that  the man that was offered up as sacrifice was still breathing that he cut him down even though he knew that it would upset the pagans because he felt like it was worth angering them to safe a man's life.
  • I disliked how mean Olivia was to Mary after Mary was the only one that showed her kindness with how Olivia basically said she was going to steal Francis's affection from Mary.
  • I like how Mary told Francis about what Olivia had said and that Francis was honest with Mary about their past relationship and that he easily agreed with Mary's idea to send Olivia away.
  • I disliked how Olivia was offering herself up to Francis repeatedly after Francis keeps telling her that he likes Mary now and I disliked that she kissed him but I'm glad he stopped even though it was clear that he still has some feelings for her and that he didn't make her his mistress.
  • I felt bad for Greer with having to deal with her family putting so much pressure on her to marry someone who is titled and knowing that she would be a disappointment to them if she was to marry someone like the kitchen boy. I also felt bad for the kitchen boy who Greer pretty much told him she was ashamed of him.
  • I found it interesting how similar Queen Catherine's marriage situation is supposedly to what is happening between Mary and Francis in this episode.
  • I was a bit upset that Mary found out about Kenna's relationship with the king from Catherine but I liked that Mary tried to get Kenna to end that relationship because she believes there's no way for that to end well for Kenna.
  • I understood why Mary was so mad at Francis for letting Olivia stay and I love that she told him to respect goes both ways. I also could understand why Francis was mad at Mary for not trusting him that his relationship with Olivia is in the past but sadly this fight just ends up putting further strain on their relationship.
  • I liked that Mary got drunk with Bash and complained to him about how unfair it is that Francis can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants and I love that Bash told her if he had her he wouldn't want anyone else.
  • I really enjoyed the kisses between Mary and Bash but I also kind of liked that Mary regretted it right away because I'm glad that she's loyal to her feelings for Francis.
  • I liked that Francis wanted to make up with Mary after their fight but I'm sad that he saw her and Bash kissing but didn't see her say it was a mistake and choose to have some sort of relationship with Olivia again.
  • I like that after talks of regrets that Greer goes and finds the kitchen boy and kisses him and tells him that she doesn't want to regret not having been with him before she's married.
  • I'm glad that Mary was having Aylee pretend to be a thief in order to make the Queen believe she had the power to make her spy on Mary for her but Mary is actually tricking the Queen.
  • I think it's rather cruel the Queen is using Olivia to break up Mary and Francis but it does make me feel bad for Olivia. I'm also glad that Mary already suspects that the Queen is behind Olivia's return.
  • I find it interesting and creepy that Bash was told that he has to choose someone to be sacrificed or someone will be chose for him because he interrupted a blood sacrifice.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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