Monday, December 16, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: No Matter Where I Stand(2.15)

                                    Chihayafuru 2: No Matter Where I Stand(2.15)Review
This episode deals with the team preparing for their final match which is going to be played against Fujisaki which is a school that is known for being a karuta powerhouse. It's revealed at the beginning of this episode that Kana had jammed her finger in one of the earlier matches and was hiding it in order to keep playing.

Fujisaki coach is known for being very scary and also always switches out one of the third year players in the final match in order so a younger one can play which is always very distressing for whatever third is forced to sit out. Tsutomu from his data was able to accurately predict the order in which Fujisaki will use for their team in final. Taichi wants to play against Fujisaki's captain because he reminds him of Arata and believes that if he's able to beat him he may be able to final make it to class A someday soon.

The reader for the final match is a certified reader which makes Kana even more upset that she can't play in the final match. Arata hears that Chihaya and Taichi made it to the finals and while he really wants to be their to cheer them on he feels that he can't because he needs to accept his punishment but he is able to convince Shinobu to watch the final match.

I really liked this episode with how much it made me anticipate the match because it dealt very slowly with all the before stuff leading up to the match which means that the match itself is bound to be really intense and exciting as well. I'm a bit upset that the next episode according to Wikipedia is a recap but I'm really looking forward to watching the match. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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