Sunday, December 15, 2013

TV Review: Revenge: Surrender(3.09)

                                                 Revenge: Surrender(3.09)Review
  • I loved how Lydia made her presence known to Victoria by flinging Victoria's clothes off her balcony. I also liked that it was revealed that Victoria chose to save Lydia when she had the chance to at the end of season 1.
  • I liked how Emily purposely antagonized Lydia because she wanted her to push her in front of Daniel and Victoria because she wanted Daniel to tell Victoria about her fake pregnancy so she could tell the press without Daniel suspecting her.
  • I liked that Daniel was so conflicted about Emily and Sara because he wanted to do the right thing and he does love Emily but he's just realized that he's more in love with Sarah.
  • I liked that Charlotte after seeing how much her scheming had hurt Daniel and Sarah realizes that she and Victoria should just let Daniel make his own decisions because in the end scheming only got people hurt.
  • I liked how when Emily was wondering why Lydia would return to the Hamptons that Nolan said something about how what every pretty blonde that comes to the Hamptons want revenge.
  • I liked how Emily prepares the bracelet that Victoria will wear to the wedding to be covered in gun shot residue.
  • I liked how when Lydia invited Conrad to her hotel room that even though Lydia was clearly just trying to incriminate him that Conrad just kept telling her how much he missed her and how he still loved her, I actually really like the relationship between these two and I've always kind of have.
  • I liked that Margaux kicks Lydia out of her hotel room once she finds out that Lydia revealed her return to the Graysons because she can no longer trust Lydia. I liked that Lydia was able to convince Conrad to let her stay at Grayson Manor.
  • I liked how Nolan convinced Jack that way for him to keep Margaux from trying to dig up Conrad's dirty secrets was for Jack to tell her how much he lost in his journey for the truth. I also liked that this idea did work to convince Margaux to stop digging for now.
  • I found the scene where Daniel and Sarah gave up their chance at future together to be completely heartbreaking especially since they were both being such good people about it and knowing that Emily is just using Daniel while he's giving up his chance for true happiness.
  • While I hate Aiden and obviously think that Emily could do much better than him I'm glad that Emily was happy about being engaged to Aiden but I'll never enjoy watching their relationship but I'm glad that this was the thing that Aiden was hiding from Emily this time since it wasn't harmful to her plans.
  • I liked that Nolan made new identity for Emily and gave her his last name so that he could still visit her in the future without raising suspiciousness. I also loved how Emily said that Nolan has a heart bigger than his brain.
  • I liked that Nolan was happy that Emily was engaged to someone that knew the really her and I just liked their phone conversation in general especially when Nolan said he'll have to find a new hobby now.
  • I'm worried about Lydia finding the photo that proves that Emily was at new year's eve in 2002 and I'm worried about who's she's going to show it to.
  • I'm not really worried about Victoria saying that she won't be at the wedding because we all know that she'll show up for one reason or another.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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