Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: I Do Not Know Where This Love Will Take Me(2.19)

           Chihayafuru 2: I Do Not Know Where This Love Will Take Me(2.19)Review
This episode starts off where the last one ends with Taichi sending his opponent a multi-syllable card in order for him attack the card later on because of Tsutomu's data. It becomes clear soon after that Taichi is deliberately taking a long time to send cards in order to give himself time rememorize where all the cards are and his opponent ends up getting a fault which is something he almost never does. Taichi gets to the point in his match where he and his opponent are tied.

The match between Chihaya and Rion ended up taking a turn that almost all the people watching didn't expect with Chihaya leading Rion by five cards. It's noted that by this point of the game that neither girl is using any kind of strategy and it's now only a game of hearing and reflexes which the girls seem to be evenly match in but one is of course slightly better. Chihaya ends up winning her match but it was so exhausting that she ended up falling asleep before she even claimed her win for Mizusawa.

The matches that Taichi and Nishida are playing have both come down to luck of the draw which is something it seems like they expected would happen since they synchronized their cards which Fujiski's coach refuses to think this move could be anything other then chance but the player Taichi's playing recognizes it as them knowing how to play as a team. Taichi becomes increasingly worried that the card on his side won't be read since it never is in this kind of situation so he does plan to go on the attack especially since his opponent's card is one that is similar to a dead card but he ends noticing that his opponent is too good at defending his card for this to work. Taichi ends up doubting that all the time he's put into the game will ever really mean anything since he always ends up loosing in situations that are based off luck but he keeps himself from giving up and asks god to have his card be read just this once. In the end Mizusawa wins and Chihaya had woken up just in time to see the final card be read and then there's an emotional celebration with the whole team hugging.

I loved this episode I felt that the matches where very intense and I felt super emotional from just watching the team win which was just great to watch. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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