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Book Review: Wolves of Mercy Falls: Forever

                                        Wolves of Mercy Falls: Forever Review
The final book of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series starts a few months after Linger ends with Grace being a wolf, Sam having trouble coping with Grace being gone, Cole trying to find a cure for the wolf toxin by using himself to experiment on and Isabel learning that her father was able to get a hunting party approved to kill the wolves. Much like the last book of the series I still find Grace's storyline to be the least interesting and considering that she was a wolf and unable to form complex thoughts for about the first half of the book that doesn't come as much of a surprise to me. I enjoy that Grace was finally able to confront her parents about their horrible parenting style and that they were able to make some sort of peace because that was something that needed to be done since the first book of the series. Grace's friend Olivia dying at the start of the book upset because I've always wished we saw more of her but I do like that Grace's friend Rachel was able to be in the know about the wolves.

Cole using himself to experiment on when trying to find a cure for the wolves is something that I love because he's still being self-destructive but he's doing it for a reason in that he's trying to save the wolves but doesn't seem all that concern that he could very well die in the process. Cole also somewhat gains closer from his old life with being able to call one of his old band mates to tell him he's alive but he isn't coming back. I liked how this book pointed out that Cole is getting better than he was in the last book but he still has a lot of issues to work through but he's getting there which is what I think is most important. I love that Cole continues to try and destroy Sam's perfect image of Beck because he knows that the version he got is a whole lot different than the one Sam has and he figures that Beck can give them some answers to their current problem. I love that Cole was able to figure out what needed to be done and that in the end he admits to himself that he had  complete faith that the plan was going to work and that he has started to care for the people around him more than he ever thought he could.

For Sam's character the thing I enjoyed the most through out this book was him learning that Beck really wasn't his savior from what happened with the wolves when he was little but actually the one that put his attack into motion. I really enjoy Sam's conflicting feelings regarding Beck because on the one hand Beck raised him and cared for him for years and Sam loved that Beck but on the other hand Beck attacked him when he was little and this led him to become a wolf which he always hated and also for his parents to try to kill him and the years of trauma that follow that he still hasn't fully recovered from and he sort of hates that Beck. In the end although Sam's feelings about Beck are complicated he still does love him although I think it's worth noting that last book Sam thought about his parents fondly as well so this isn't much of a surprise. I also enjoyed the conflict with Sam needing to become a wolf again to save the pack even though he hates being a wolf but I think that him becoming a wolf again was a one time think which if that's the case I'm okay with that if not this series had a really sad ending.

Isabel's storyline I believe had her finally fully coming to terms with her brothers death and the part she played in it. I also liked how Isabel's relationship with Cole developed past the whole a way to self destruct but one where their where real feelings and understanding for each other, their relationship isn't exactly healthy yet but it's getting there.

I overall loved this series it had great characters who will stick with me for a long time to come and there were great relationships as well. I found the mythology interesting since this series is actually a sci-fi rather than a fantasy like most people assume it is and I thought the plot was good but this series is honestly mostly character driven which is why a love it so much. Please tell me your thoughts on this book or the series as a whole.

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