Sunday, December 15, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: People Would Always Ask if I Was Pinning for Someone(2.14)

  Chihayafuru 2: People Would Always Ask if I Was Pinning for Someone(2.14)Review
This episode finishes off the semi-final match which had became an extremely close match for every member of the team. Towards the beginning of the episode Nishida looses his match which he feels bad about since this is the second time he has done this during an important match. Soon after though Kana wins her match which takes a bit of pressure off the other members of the team.

Since the match between Mizusawa and Akashi becoming so close and interesting which most of the audience wasn't expecting they had pretty much ignored the other match which wasn't close at all Fujisaki 4 to 1. Taichi ends pulling ahead in his match by using his memorization skills because he knew when a dead card was being read when his opponent didn't. Taichi ends up winning his match when Chihaya's special card is read but Chihaya didn't get this card which throws her off her game a bit. In the end Chihaya's match was very close but she ended up loosing.

The match between Tsutomu and his opponent becomes the deciding match and it comes down to luck of the draw. Tsutomu ends winning his watch by going for the one with the in it because he believed that it was more likely to be drawn in this situation. The other members of the team note how this belief is a superstition that karuta players start to develop over time.

Chihaya is very frustrated by her loss because she can't pinpoint what it is that caused her to loose her match but she ends up figuring out that before the final she has to relax if she's going to have a chance at winning. Tsukuba offers to play in the final match because he has seen how tried Kana was but Kana tries to say she's fine before admitting that she's not.

I loved this episode it was very exciting matches that were played. Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

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