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TV Review: Revenge: Exodus(3.10)

                                                        Revenge: Exodus(3.10)Review
  • I liked how at the start of the episode that Emily was taking her own blood so that she could spill it before she shoots the gun in order to frame Victoria for her murder.
  • I'm glad that Conrad figured out that Lydia was originally planning to reveal the David Clarke conspiracy because I just think it's for the best when everyone knows about everyone else evil plans expect for Emily's of course.
  • I liked how Emily used Conrad in order to get him to use Patrick to make sure that Victoria will come to her and Daniel's wedding.
  • I'm actually surprised by how happy I was about Patrick's return I mean always did like him but I don't remember like him as much as I did in this episode.
  • I like that Victoria was wary of Conrad allowing Patrick to come back and I liked that Patrick was just planning on not questioning a good thing because that's bond to lead somewhere bad. Although I don't think Conrad has any ulterior motives at the moment at least.
  • I liked how Emily went over how the plan was suppose to go and that they showed us what the plan was suppose to look like because we all knew that it wasn't going to go off without a hitch. I also liked that part of the plan involved Victoria turning on Conrad at some point in order to save herself.
  • I liked Jack and Emily's goodbye scene it had a lot of heart to it. I liked how Emily told Jack that she was with Amanda when she died and that Amanda was her friend and she really didn't treat her very well, I just love anytime Emily talks about how much she cared for Amanda. I also liked how Jack told Emily that her telling him now only makes things harder for him and that she pretty ruined his life.
  • I liked how it was mentioned that Nolan actually texted Patrick 40 times since he left which actually doesn't surprise me all that much since it was pretty clear that Nolan fell for him pretty hard and he regretted not saying goodbye. I also liked how Nolan told Patrick that he didn't have to choose between him and Victoria because he could spend the day with her and the night with him.
  • I liked how Lydia used the photo in order to blackmail Emily to give her the beach house and how while this was a win for Lydia it also wasn't a loss for Emily.
  • I liked that Emily told Charlotte that she loved her before the wedding because she knew she wasn't really going to able to give her a proper goodbye.
  • I really hated the scene where Emily and Aiden were making out before the wedding because I just thought they were being stupid because someone could have walked in at any moment.
  • I liked how Victoria made a snarkery comment about Conrad hooking up with Lydia the night before as they walked into the wedding.
  • I liked how when the press asked Victoria how she felt about the new addition to the family that she talked about how glad she was that Patrick was here and I love that Patrick whispered to her that they were talking about Emily and it was clear that Victoria couldn't care less about that.
  • I liked how when they were walking down the aisle that Nolan told Emily that only she could make vengeance look so good.
  • I liked that during Emily's vows they showed past images from the show about what they really meant to her.
  • I liked that Emily and Nolan shared a dance which is where they said their goodbyes and I love that Nolan kissed her on the cheek and I love that he looked so sad when he left because he knew he wasn't going to see her again.
  • I felt pretty bad for Daniel throughout the episode because he was heartbroken about Sarah and felt so bad for hurting her again and he knew that nothing he could do will make things right.
  • I liked how when through out the day when Victoria was talking about how evil Emily was that Patrick basically told her to play nice and wait for Emily reveal her true colors and not to seem to smug about it.
  • I liked how talking to Margaux is what proved to Conrad that Lydia wasn't against at least at the moment. I like that Conrad told Lydia that he wanted to share his life with her and have her be his wife once he was sure of her feeling for him.
  • I felt pretty bad for Sarah in this episode having to see all the coverage about Emily and Daniel's wedding and being heartbroken and beating herself up for being stupid enough to think that things could have worked between her and Daniel when she knew he was engaged.
  • I like that Emily left Amanda's necklace for Jack and that Jack thought that Emily should have although he wasn't able to get it for her.
  • I like that Nolan lured Patrick to his place by sending him a text about how he knew about him cutting Conrad's breaks and I liked that Nolan told Patrick right away that he isn't blackmailing him because he's known for weeks and hasn't said anything and he understands protecting the people you love and he thinks that something they share in common. I think I ship these two again.
  • I liked that Patrick has expressed regret in his role in father Paul's death and how he's against doing anything like that again.
  • I like how Lydia decided to show Victoria the picture of Emily at the new year's party.
  • I don't understand why Aiden didn't just lock Victoria and Lydia in the room.
  • I found it really sad that Sarah tried to kill herself over what happened with Daniel and well I felt bad for Daniel as well because he must be just beating himself up over that.
  • I liked how Victoria confronted Emily about how she's clearly faking her pregnancy and has been using her son to get to the rest of her family for years now and I like that Emily didn't really disagree with her.
  • I think that Victoria throwing her bracelet in the ocean will make take away any real proof that Victoria shot Emily.
  • I felt really bad for Daniel when he found out that Emily had been lying to him for two years and considering what he just found out about Sarah and that he's been drinking all night I understand why he shot Emily because as much as I love Emily she really has done a ton of awful things to Daniel who wasn't part of the people who destroyed her father.
  • I'm pretty worried about Emily since she got shot but I'm glad that we know that she'll survive but there's going to be some major fall out that I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out in the second half of the season.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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