Monday, December 30, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafur 2: My Fear is That You Will Forget(2.18)

                         Chihayafur 2: My Fear is That You Will Forget(2.18)Review
This episode starts off where the last one ends with the karuta team becoming more focused on winning. Taichi starts to think about how even though his opponent is good he's not as good as Arata which actually does help to motivate him and when he notices that he is down by five cards he remembers how when he was young that Dr. Harada would start off with a five card handicap which what Taichi is determined to overcome here. Tsutomu wants to overcome his earlier analysis that he can't win against his opponent but sadly he looses soon after he this thought. Tsukuba feels that his opponent isn't taking him seriously which might not be true since he said after their match that Tsukuba was good even though he lost.

Chihaya is able to keep getting cards from Rion and the people watching the match are starting to wonder if Rion can win the match because she lacks the experience in tournaments and Chihaya has just as good of game sense as she does. Shinobu through the match wishes she hasn't come because she remembers how karuta for her as always just been about improving herself and she doesn't like seeing the companionship that being part of a team brings the other players. Arata listens to the match from outside since he is forbidden from watching the match but his thought reveal that he does have a great respect for playing with a team even though he himself doesn't.

Taichi was able to stabilize his game but was still down by five cards near the end of the episode he's able to take one of his opponent's cards and he says that there will be three wins for Mizusawa right after members of the audience where thinking that they'd be lucky to get one win.

Overall I love this episode which dealt with trying one's best to make a come back and how sometimes it happens and sometimes it's too late. I also liked seeing how Arata and Shinobu had different thoughts about the team matches. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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