Monday, December 30, 2013

Anime review: Chihayafuru 2: Wait for the Emperor's Return(2.16)

                         Chihayafuru 2: Wait for the Emperor's Return(2.16)Review
This episode is basically a recap of the first half of season 2 with a few omake segments mixed in that are humorous but there are not very many of them. I think this episode did a pretty good job of reminding the audience of the first half of the season but since I tend to be able to remember those type things on my own it was something I didn't need. Although I did enjoy the omake segment when Nishida mentions how no one in the karuta club is seeing anyone because they spend so much time playing karuta, I found that rather funny but other than that there wasn't really anything new in this episode.

This episode was really just a recap but still enjoyable so instead of telling me your thoughts on this episode how about you tell me your thoughts on this season or series as a whole.

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