Friday, November 9, 2012

Fantastic Five Friday: Top TV Weddings

Fantastic Friday is a weekly meme that's hosted by The Weekly Enthusiast

1. Amy and Rory(Doctor Who): I really love this wedding because I love Amy and Rory as a couple and I liked everything we saw of the wedding. I really loved the whole episode although the wedding is only a small part of the episode I thought it was kind of the perfect way to end the season was with these two getting married.
2. Seth and Summer(The OC): Seth and Summer are my favorite tv couple so I loved that they got married even though their whole wedding was just a brief little scene.
3. The Doctor and River(Doctor Who): I love the Doctor's and River's relationship and I liked that there wedding was different from pretty much all other weddings I've scene on tv which is a good thing in my book.
4. Corey and Topanga(Boy Meets World): Corey and Topanga are one of the first couples I ever shipped so I loved seeing them get married and I remember that episode being a favorite of mine.
5. Monica and Chandler(Friends): I really love Monica and Chandler as couple and although this episode isn't one of my favorites I still loved seeing them get married.

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