Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 popular YA genres matched with tv shows

1. Vampires: Vampire Diaries: The trend of vampire romances have become extremely popular in recent years to the point that most people never want to read a book about vampires again but there are some series out there that are still worth your time. While the Vampire Diaries tv show is based off a series of books I haven't read the books and I don't plan to because I read the summary of the first four books on wikipedia and it doesn't seem like something I'd like. The Vampire Diaries tv show has interesting characters who are involved in plots that move along faster than almost any other show on tv which makes for some addicting tv. My favorite characters are Caroline, Katherine, Rebekah, Stefan, Damon and Elijah. My favorite couples are Damon/Katherine, Stefan/Elena and Jeremy/Anna.
2.Werewolves: Teen Wolf: Werewolves are slightly less popular trend than vampires in YA but still pretty popular. and while I haven't read a lot werewolf YA books I think Teen Wolf is probably a bit different in a good way from most of those series. I honestly wasn't expecting much from this series when I first started it but it's actually a great series with great characters and interesting mythology and storylines. I found the second show of this season to be great and I have to say that I loved ever episode that aired this summer which isn't something that happens often even if I do love the series.
3. Dystopian: Dollhouse: In the past couple of years dystopians went from practically non-existent in the YA genre to extremely popular while it seems like their isn't a whole lot of tv dystopian series I think Dollhouse kind of counts as one. Dollhouse is actually what I would call a pre-dystopian with all the episodes(save Epitaph one and Epitaph Two) are leading up to a dystopian future rather than being set in one. I think this series makes one ask themselves quite a few questions about human nature just like a dystopian should do(although many YA dystopian's don't because it's just a love triangle set in the future) and it has very interesting characters(it takes quite a while for some people to like the characters in the series) and concept.
4. Fairytale: Pushing Daisies:The fairytale retelling have become popular it seems in the YA genre so I think it my seem a bit odd that I didn't choose the show Once Upon a Time and I instead choose Pushing Daisies which isn't based off a fairytale but it often feels like one. I love this show with it's bright color world, interesting quirky characters and one the sweetest romances to ever grace a television screen between Ned and Chuck.
5. Fantasy kitchen sink: Buffy the Vampire slayer: Some YA series has a whole bunch of different kinds of fantasy creature and no tv show I've seen as a larger variety of monsters than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. BTVS is a great show with great episodes that deal with teen life and young adulthood through metaphors portrayed by the supernatural.
6. SciFi: Doctor Who: SCiFi may not be an extremely popular genre in YA books but it still exists and there is no better scifi series in my opinion than Doctor Who. Doctor Who is a great series about a timelord who goes by the name the Doctor who travels though time and space with is companions and saves the world and the universe whenever he can.
7. Contemporary YA: The OC: The YA books about falling in love for the first time are pretty popular now and have been for a long time and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I think The OC is the teen drama that fits this kind of YA book best because romances are big part of the show and characters who are friends in the show general treat each other well which makes this show better than most teen dramas because it isn't about stabbing your friend in the back to get with some guy or girl. I also love just really love this show and it's my favorite tv show.
8. Contemporary YA serious issues: Degrassi:TNG: It's quite popular for YA books to deal with more series issues like eating disorders or drug use such as in Ellen Hopkins books but it's not something that's popular to do in tv shows for teens. Degrassi is a show that deals with almost ever issue that teens may face in real life and while they don't always protray it well they should get points for at least trying. I love this show but I don't think it's for everyone especially if try to start the show from it's first season it may be a bit hard to get into do the characters ages.
9. Heist Society: White Collar: Heist Society is one of my favorite books and it's about con artists and White Collar is about a con artist that now has to work with the FBI in order to stay out of prison. Both Heist Society and White Collar are extremely enjoyable series that think most people would end up liking.
10. Scandelous life of the rich: Revenge: I'm not sure how popular the trend of rich people is in YA right now but I know that there are quite a few books written about them so I think this category fits. This category is honestly just an excuse for me to mention Revenge which is a great series about how Emily Thorne comes to Hampton's to get revenge on the people who framed her father when she was a young child.


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  2. Great list! I love TVD and was so sad when they cancelled Pushing Daisies.

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