Friday, November 30, 2012

Fantastic Five Friday: Top 5 Pilots

Fantastic Friday is a weekly meme that's hosted by The Weekly Enthusiast

1. The OC: The pilot of The OC is one of my favorites because The OC is my favorite show and this is the episode that introduces the audience to this world and the characters which I loved and I also loved that it told a whole story but with plenty of room to develop.
2. Pushing Daisies: This episode was just as magical as the rest of the series which is a brilliant mixture of fairytale like romance, quirky crime solving and lovable but slightly damaged characters. I love this Pilot because it's just as brilliant as the rest of this wonderful series.
3. Firefly: This was a brilliant two part pilot that does a great job of introducing the audience to the whole cast and the world that they live in without ever seeming boring. This was a great episode of a great series.
4. Pretty Little Liars: This episode did a really good job of introducing the four main girls and the idea of A and I just found the pilot to be really intriguing as a whole.
5. Arrested Development: This was a great start to unusual but terrific series about a wealthy family who looses everything but try to continue as if nothing happened. I just loved meeting the Bluth family and I enjoy how odd they all are.

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  1. I love that Firefly opens it's series with Wash playing with dinosaur toys. <3