Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Days of Female Characters: Day 21: Favorite Female character screwed over by canon

Day 21: Favorite Female character screwed over by canon: Morgana(Merlin)
During the first and second series Morgana was one of my favorite characters with how strong willed, compassionate and sympathtic she was, I loved that back then she believed in doing the right thing no matter the conquscenes. Although I know her character had to become a villain at some point due to the source matrial I hated happened to her character from series three on. Starting in season three she just became evil with not caring about whether innoccent people were hurt or trying to kill people who were her friends who have never wronged her in any way. I hated that she just became a villain with almost no emotions since she was such a great character during the first two series and I feel that the show could have made her character an anti-hero instead of villain which would have made her character consitstant with the one we were introduced to at the beginning of the series and could have led to more interesting conflicts within the show.

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