Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 8 books I haven't read that are on my bookshelf

1.Fargile Eternity: I hear that this book focuses more on the relationship between Asilin, Keenan and Seth which I would be fine with as long as they don't make it a love triangle which from what I hear it did become a love triangle which disapoints me because I loved the relationship between Keenan and donia.
2.Here After: I got this book as a gift a long time ago and I have no idea what's it's about.
3.Girl, Interrupted: I've been meaning to read this book for the longest time but I've been putting it off because I fear it will be dense and I'm not really in the mood for dense.
4.The Phantom of the Opera: I here great things about this but I'm not sure if people are talking about the play, the movie or the book. I tried to read this three years ago but I found it really boring. 
5. Starcrossed: This was a gift but I'll probably read it because I've heard good things about it.
6.Criss Cross: I've got this book as a gift a really long time ago and I don't know what it's about.
7.Chassing Windmills:I got it as a gift.
8. Gone With the Wind: I want to read this book since I liked the movie but it scares me a bit since it's almost 1,000 pages long.


  1. Phantom of te Opera is great, but Gone With the Wind instantly became a fave of mine when I read it!
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  2. I read Criss Cross but I forgot what it's about. It was good though! :)

  3. I love Gone With the Wind, it is long but really good.