Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top 10 Websites not about Books

1. Hulu:I love this site because it allows me to watch tv online for free and it even counts towards giving the shows ratings sometimes which is always a good thing. This season I've watched most of Revenge and Grimm this way.
2. Tumblr:I don't have my own tumblr account but I love looking at other people's tumblrs for hours because this site is basically a place to fangirl(or fanboy) about your favorite things, so I don't see any reason not to love this site. This site is also the reason I started watching The Fades, Doctor Who, A Game of Thrones, Sherlock and Community.
3.Youtube:I love this site because of the ability to listen to songs for free and sometimes watch tv shows and movies online for free. I also love to see people's reviews on things.
4. TV Tropes:This site is just something I can spend hours reading since it basically tells the common elements of in fiction and than tells you what series they can be found in.
5. TV.com: I love this site mainly because of Price Peterson's photo recaps of Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle, both of the recaps are very funny and they're especially enjoyable because he points out a lot of strange things about the show like he mentions how weird the town of Mystic Falls is. But I wouldn't say that these recaps are 100% accurate all the time so I wouldn't say that if you read these recaps you wouldn't have to watch the episodes but they're extremely enjoyable and makes me laugh out loud each week.
6. Heroine TV: I love this blog because I love her recaps of Vampire Diaries and I also tend to like most of the other shows she talks about so I find this blog very enjoyable.
7. AnimeFreak.com: This site is were I watch most of my anime and since I love anime, I love this site.
8. Television Without Pity:I love this site for it's recaps, lists and forums that are all centered around television.
9. Amazon:This is a great place to buy pretty much anything but I mostly use in order to find things that I can't find in stores.
10. Wikapedia:I love this site because it makes it easy to find information out about just about anything.

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