Monday, May 28, 2012

Manga Review: Tokyo Babylon Vol.2

                                                    Tokyo Babylon Vol.2 Review
In this volume Subaru helps out a childhood crush a girl named Mitsuki who fell asleep one day four months ago and hasn't woken up but there's no medical reason for this so it's Subaru's job to find out what's wrong with her. Subaru enters her dream and he learns that after she was raped she tried to forget about it but couldn't and then she wish to go to sleep and not wake up so she wouldn't have to face the real world. Subaru is able to convince her that it would make everyone happier if she would wake up again and by the end of the story she does.

The second and final story of this volume is about how Hokuto helps out a girl who she thought was under attack and how the two of them become friends. It turns out the girl was a foreigner who is working as a call girl in order to send money back to her family and the people that Hokuto saved her from were the police. Since Hokuto is a really cool person she accepts all this about the girl and the two of them become friends.

Also in this volume there's mentions of the Sakurazukamori, an onmyoji who uses his powers to kill. It's also mentioned that Subaru wears gloves at all times even when he sleeps because his grandmother tells him to. There's also lovely interactions between our main characters that I loved.

 I overall really enjoyed this volume. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume or series as a whole.

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