Sunday, May 27, 2012

TV Review: Once Upon a Time:Whatever Happened to Fredrick(1.13)

                     Once Upon a Time:Whatever Happened to Fredrick(1.13)Review
  • I really hated that David was unwilling to tell Katherine the truth about him and Mary Margette because I felt like he owed it to her and it would have prevent pretty much everyone from getting as hurt as they did.
  • I hated that everyone started to call Mary Margette a tramp because I don't think she deserved that.
  • I liked that Katherine told Regina that she wasn't her friend because Regina is always lying and trying to hurt her but sadly she took that back later. I also liked that after Katherine calmed down she realized that she wanted to find real love and wanted David and Mary Margette to be happy together.
  • I was kind of sad that Mary Margette and David didn't end up together but after his behavior in this episode I don't think he deserved her.
  • I find it interesting that the writer's name is August and I'm glad that after he made a copy of Henry's book he made sure that Emma found it.
  • I really hate Regina for I think killing Katherine with magic and making sure that David and Mary Margette didn't find Katherine's letter that said she wanted them to be together.
  • I liked that Prince James helped Abigael be reunited with her true love Fredrick and found out that Snow White still loved him.
  • I found the siren that turned into who you most desire to be interesting.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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