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Manga Review: X vol.1

                                                                 X Vol.1 Review

X(also known as X/1999) is a series by Clamp that is about the battle for the end of the world which will happen in the year 1999 which is when the series is set. The series starts off with high school student Kamui Shiro coming home to Tokyo after six years but he has become cold in the years he's been away and he tells his former friends Kotori and Fuma.  Kotori and Fuma are siblings who are very well liked by the community whose mother died years ago. Also Kotori has a weak heart and her dreams tend to come true.

Kamui possesses some form of magical powers which he uses recklessly when he attacks people who are following or spying on him in someway. A blind, paralyzed psychic who is called Princess Hinoto is the leader of one of the groups who are watching Kamui in order to find out if he is the Kamui who will decided the fate of the world in the near future. Also working with Princess is a young woman named Arashi who sent a man Saki to attack Kamui in order to find out what kind of person he is but she doesn't personally desire to fight him but she can make a sword come out of her hand.

At the end of this volume two men are waiting to talk to Kamui who was currently sleeping at Fuma and Kotori's house(he's staying there because Fuma brought him home after he found him injured in the street) they don't know each other but both seem to have a sense of humor and are somehow involved in the end of the world. Before Fighting a Kekkai is set up which means that the dimension that they will fight in is separate from the really world so no innocent people will be hurt and no damage will come to the surrounding area. But if the person who makes the Kekkai dies or is seriously injured the damage from the battle will come to earth at some point in the future, I'm guessing this will be important information later on in the series.

I overall really enjoyed the first volume of this series but I feel like it was mostly just setting things up which is a good thing because there seems to be a lot that needs to be set up.I also really enjoyed the art style used in this series. Please tell me what you thought of this volume.

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