Monday, September 5, 2011

Top Shows I'm looking forward to in Fall 2011

                                        Top Shows I'm looking forward to in Fall 2011
1.The Secret Circle: When I heard this was being made into a TV show I read the books which the series will be based on and I loved them. Also this series is made by the same people who made Vampire Diaries and I love that show so this one should be good as well. I’m excited to see a show about witchcraft since I’ve always been interested in magic and hope there’s at least an episode or two that deals with a misfired spell and wackyness ensues.
2.Ringer: I’ve been excited for this show since I read the plot summary it sounds really intriguing and like the show will have a lot twists. Also it stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and loved her in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cruel Intentions.
3.Grimm: I’ve been excited for this show since I saw the trailer the idea seems really interesting and I like the idea of mixing fairytales with crime because it will make it a far more interesting crime show. Also it’s created by the co-creator of Angel and the other creator also worked on that show.
4.Vampire Diaries Season 3: I’ve loved the first two seasons of this series and as long as they don’t derail or kill off my favorite characters and stop focusing one boring love triangles, I’ll probably love this season as well.
5.Revenge: I’ve been wanting to see this show since I saw the trailer it looks really good and I hope it doesn’t get too soap opera like.
6.Psych season 6: I loved the first five seasons of this show and I’ve been missing it since season five ended and I’m sure that season 6 will be just as good if not better then season 5.
7.Once Upon a Time: This show looks like it’s going to be either really good or really bad but I’m hoping for really good. I like the idea of fairytales mixing with the real world.
8.Suburgatory: I’m not usually a big fan of sitcoms but this one looks like it has a chance at being good.
 9.Pan Am: I saw the trailer for this and it looked like it could be good and I liked that it was set in the sixties.
10.Hart of Dixie: The show itself doesn’t look all that great for it stars Rachel Bilson ( who I know form The OC) and it involves Josh Schwartz creator of The OC, Chuck and Gossip Girl, so I think it’s worth checking out.

Please tell me whta shows your looking forward to this fall.

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