Friday, October 19, 2012

Fantastic Five Friday: Top 5 finales that disapointed me

Fantastic Friday is a weekly meme that's hosted by The Weekly Enthusiast

This week's list was actually pretty hard for me to make since I usually love finale episodes.

1. Degrassi:TNG: The Power of Love(3.22): In all honesty I wasn't really expecting much from this finale because pretty much all of the season 3 plots were already wrapped up but this episode still disappointed me. This episode didn't feel like a season finale at all instead it felt like a bad episode that happened in the middle of the season.
2. Vampire Diaries: The Departed(3.22): I was disappointed by this episode because I figured out almost everything that was going to happen the week before and I don't think I was suppose to. I wasn't shocked that Elena died or about how she died because after I saw the promo for the episode I guessed that what happen would happen. I also knew Elena would choose Stefan because it's always been clear which one she loves more and I was disapointed that the flashbacks weren't really that interesting. Although I was surprised and delighted that Elijah showed up in that episode and I thought the season 4 premiere was great.
3. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle volume 28: I'm not exactly sure about how I feel about the ending of this series because I don't really understand what was going on for most of this volume so I'm not even sure if the ending is happy, sad or bittersweet. I found that this volume gave me a lot of new information and very little time to process it which is why my feeling about the end of this series is one of confusion.
4. Degrassi:TNG: Going Down the Road(4.21-.22): I really didn't like this episode because there was this weird focus on Kevin Smith making a movie at Degrassi and the stuff with him took up half of the finale and there stuff wasn't really all that good either.
5. Merlin:The Sword in the Sword(4.12-.13): I actually really liked this episode and I thought that overall it was great but I was disappointed by this finale because it was really similar in terms of plot to the season three finale and I was disappointed that there still wasn't a magic reveal because I somehow convinced myself that there would be one in season 4 but there wasn't.

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