Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 7 older Books I don't want people to forget about

1. The Glass Menagerie(1944):This play is about a dysfunctional family and ever member of the family have a distinct personality and all of the relationships are wonderfully complicated. I also love this play because I relate to the character Laura more than I do any other character pretty much ever. It seems to me that most people I haven't even heard of this wonderful play which makes me sad and it makes kind of perfect to include on this list since people generally have already forgotten about this play.
2. Catch-22(1961): This book has a dark sense of humor and I like the way that it uses absurdity. I love this book that deals with pilots during world war II yet it's actually funny rather than sad although there are a few sad moments which makes sense due to the subject matter.I also think this would be a good book to remember because the phrase catch-22 is quite popular so I think it would be nice if people read the book that made that phrase popular.
3. Brave New World(1932): I just think this book is a really interesting dystopian novel and I like that in the end the society couldn't be saved because no one wanted to be saved.
4. Reading in the Dark(1996): This book is beautifully written and tells the story of a family with many secrets and how the main character finds out all these secrets and how those secrets more or less keeps him from being close to his family any longer. I really loved this book and I wish more people would have read it.
5. Tokyo Babylon(1990-1993): This series is one were I love all three of the main characters and I find even the episodic stories to be really interesting but that may be because the stories always has a lot to do with society and human nature in general. I also love the extremely sad ending that still breaks my heart and reduces me to tears if I think about it too much. I think that this series is in danger of being forgotten because it's out of print at the moment therefore it's hard to find but it's totally worth looking for.
6. Through the Looking Glass(1871): This is the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and oddly enough despite many films taking elements from this book it seems that most people forget this book exists. This book is similar to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland so if you liked that book you'll like this book.
7. Magic Knight Rayearth(1993-1996): This is Clamp's first magical girl series and although I'd admit to saying that I love Cardcaptor Sakura more this series is also brilliant and I love how strong the emphasis on the friendship between the three girls. I also really liked that magic, sword fighting and mechas are all combined in this series. I love this series and I wish more people remembered it.


  1. Of all the books on your list, I've only read #2, but I agree that it's a classic, not-to-be-missed. Thanks for sharing your picks!

  2. It's always nice to find other people who love Catch-22. :)