Friday, October 12, 2012

Fantastic Five Friday: Top 5 Flashback Episodes

Fantastic Friday is a weekly meme that's hosted by The Weekly Enthusiast

1. Angel: Darla(2.07): This episode gives the backstory of Darla's character with how she became a vampire and more about her relationship with Angelous. I also loved the story set in the present with Darla having to come to terms with having a soul again and there quite a few nice parallels with how she dealt with feeling the wait of her soul and how Angel dealt with it. I overall love this episode and I think it's brilliant I  love that it moves the plot forward while still providing a lot of backstory.
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Fool for Love(5.07): This episode gives Spike's backstory of how he went from a lousy poet to a badass vampire who has killed two slayers. I really loved seeing how Spike evolved and love the relationship he shares with Drusilla it's both sweet and creepy especially the moment when the two of them had sex next to the corpse of the first slayer he killed. I loved the conversation between Spike and Angelous were it's made clear that Spike just likes a good fight and Angelous sees the murders he commits as a work of art, I just really like how the shows have always made a clear distinction between the two characters styles. I also loved that Spike told Buffy one of the things no one else would be willing to tell her about being a slayer which is that all slayers are more or less death seekers.
3. Vampire Diaries: Children of the Damned(1.13): I loved this episode which explained what was going on with all the vampires in 1864 and I like that it showed that there were so many vampires that were around that were sent to burn in the church. I also liked seeing the weird relationship that Stefan/Katherine/Damon seemed to share during that time period with how Damon and Stefan are both sleeping with Katherine and they both know about it and they don't seem to be fighting at all. I also loved that this episode showed how much Damon loves Katherine and I of course just loved seeing Katherine.
4. Dollhouse: Epitaph One(1.13): I love this episode which is a flashback flashforward with how this episode is set 10 years in the future for the main characters but there's flashbacks in this episode which tells the story of how civilization fell apart with the Dollhouse technology being released.
5. White Collar: Forging Bonds(2.11): I liked that in this episode we got to see what Neal's life was like before he got arrested as well as knowing how he met Kate and Mozzie.

Honorable Mentions: Firefly:Out of Gas; Heroes: The Company Man; Vampire Diaries: Katrina, Klaus, The End of the Affair and 1912; Revenge: Legacy; Dollhouse:Target. Also episodes that didn't make the list because I don't think of them as flashback episodes are Angel: Five by Five and Dollhouse: Belonging.

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