Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 10 Most Unique Books I've read

1. Ellen Hopkins books: I really love these books because they are told through poetry but this poetry is easy to understand unlike most poetry and her writing has a way of making you completely understand where the character is coming from no matter how much they frustrate you. I also feel that her writing style is great because it allows for a brief glimpse into the characters sub-conscious which is almost impossible to get into in books not written in a style such as this.I also feel like her books are really different because they deal with such heavy subject matter but it just kind of tells the story through the characters point of view and while things usually don't turn out well for the characters there's no preaching or lessons being taught just characters making mistakes and either learning from them or sinking deeper into their issues.
2. Reading in the Dark: I feel like this book is unique because it's a historical fiction book where the time period isn't the focus but rather the story of the family is the focus which makes this story feel more timeless. I also think this book is different because in a lot of ways it's a coming of age story but it's an adult book and I think it's different that the family secrets are never brought to light just that the main character finds out about them and has to deal with the burden of knowing them feeling guilty for not being able to tell him but also his mother not really wanting him around because he knows the secrets.
3. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: I've never read a story even close to similar to this one it uses characters from a bunch of Clamp's previous series but manages to make them all new characters who are the same but different and I love them for that. The story is about having to travel throughout multiple dimensions which is a really cool idea and it has a ton of plot twist although some them towards the end are just confusing. I also love that the story id divide in two very different section the first is more lighthearted and really deals with the group bonding into a sort of make shift family and the second half is darker and is really about them loosing those they have come to relay and also find their way back to each other.
4. Clover: This is a scifi story that it's first two volumes are one continuing story but then the next two volumes take place before the first two volumes which is pretty odd. The idea of what clovers are is very interesting but most of all what stands out in this series is the use of blank space and song lyrics through out the series.
5. Perks of Being a Wallflower: This is a book that is told through letters which is something that I don't see often but it's also Charlie's sincere desire for everyone to be happy that makes this book unique to me.
6. Manic Pixie Dreamgirl: I love how this book is more or less about the main character being wrong about his dream girl and I love that his asshole behavior is something that everyone calls him out on throughout the entire novel. I just love that this book didn't make the main character seem romantic when he wasn't and pointed out that having feelings for someone who isn't your girlfriend makes you an ass for not breaking up with her and that's all on you not the girlfriend. I just really loved how this book handled everything and I loved that it wasn't afraid to make it's main character unlikable.
7. The Darkest Powers series: I really find this series to be unique because it's such an action pack series that deals more with developing powers and plots than romance unlike the majority of paranormal YA series and I think it's better for it.
8. The Book Thief: This book is narrated by death and it's about the regular German citizens of Nazi Germany which is something that isn't shown often or sympathetically like it was in this book.
9. The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy: I just thought that this was a really unique twist on how Wonderland could be a real place how Alice's story could come to be known to the world and how Wonderland could be a dark place but also a place that felt real but fantastical.
10. Slaughter House Five: This book is very strange but also very good and it's odd because it moves around in time so much because the main character can randomly time travel but it isn't something that anyone really notices or real effects his life very much. There was also some aliens that were in the book for awhile and it all connected to the bombing of Dresden, it was just an odd but good mix of things.

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