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TV Review: Star-Crossed: And Left No Friendly Drop(1.04)

                               Star-Crossed: And Left No Friendly Drop(1.04)Review
  • I find it interesting that Atrians aren't allowed any kind of technology even cell phones and I found it odd that Roman's father would have a phone while it's something that is believed that only Trags would have.
  • I liked that Drake seems a bit freaked out about how he saw one of the fellow Trags get killed last episode and I find it a bit odd how Terri is now so fully supportive of the Trags way of life.
  • I liked how Roman went to Julia in order to get help in uncovering what data was on the phone since he's now questioning all he knows about his father.
  • I liked the quick lesson we got in this episode about how Atrians bodies are different from humans because it was very interesting information.
  • I find it odd how flirty Taylor seems to be with Drake considering they barely know each other.
  • I liked how Grayson did his best to prove he wasn't a Red Hawk and that he was sorry about not telling Emery about his parents and I like Emery really want to believe him but I'm glad that she was unsure if she could trust him for about half the episode.
  • I liked how Julia got Lucas to help Roman out with finding out what was on his dad's phone since he's pretty good when it comes to technology.
  • I liked how Emery and Sofia seem to be becoming friends and I liked how after Sofia expressed a desire to swim and join the team that Emery encourages her.
  • I liked that quite a few of the people who sees how great of a swimmer Sofia is are excited about it even though a few like Aaron are against her joining the team since she's an Atrian.
  • I liked how Emery and Grayson worked together to convince the lady in charge of interrogation to allow Sofia to join the swim team and they are successful.
  • I liked that Roman was protective of Sofia and I like that Sofia wanted to join the swim team as a way of honoring their father.
  • I like that Emery and Grayson seem to make up in this episode after he helped convince people that Sofia would be valuable asset for the swim team.
  • I liked that after Julia had to lie quite about why she was talking to Roman that Emery told her she didn't have to tell her why but to just not lie to her.
  • I liked how Sofia asked the other Atrians to endear the harassment that her joining the swim team brought them for her and her father and I liked that Drake pretty quickly supported and encouraged her.
  • I liked that Roman told Emery how he has protected her in earlier episodes and that he wants to protect his sister.
  • I thought it was awful of the girl from the other team to give Sofia caffeine when she knew Atrians are allegoric to it.
  • I'm glad that Emery was able to save Sofia with epinephrine when Roman couldn't save her with cypher since someone else was in the room.
  • I liked that Terri and Drake plus the entire swim team even Aaron defended Sofia and kicked the other teams ass.
  • I liked that the swim team swam together just to do it one time after their team was disqualified.
  • I liked that Emery knows now about cypher and that Julia doesn't have to lie to her anymore and that Julia hated lying to her.
  • I have mixed feelings about Emery and Grayson's kiss since I do like them together but I like her with Roman more.
  • I liked that Roman told Sofia that he's been overprotective of her and that their dad would be proud of her.
  • I was surprised that the interrogation lady was talking to Castor at the end of the episode and that her son is Nox's son as well although not to surprise that she was the one who was communicating with Nox.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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