Friday, April 11, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: Two Swords(4.01)

I felt that this episode was a good start to the season even though not all the main characters appeared most of them did. I felt really bad for Sansa with how she mentioned that she lays awake at night thinking about how her mother and brother died and I found it sad that Sansa doesn't pray any longer since she has nothing left to pray for and now only goes to the godswood because it's the only place where people don't try to talk to her. I loved the scene where the man that Sansa saved from being killed on Joffrey's name day thanked her and gave her a necklace that was his mother because nothing else to give her. I loved how Sansa tried to downplay what she did because while she said that anyone would have done that same that simply isn't true since most people don't know how to play Joffrey the way Sansa does. I also love that Sansa at first felt like she couldn't take the necklace because it was all he had left of his family but once she saw how much it meant to him that he gives her something she agrees to wear it with pride.
I enjoyed the bit we see of Daenerys this episode where we find out that she's heading to another city that holds slaves to defeat them and free their slaves. I like that it's implied that Daenerys will eventually be ruling over those people for a bit rather than just defeating them and leaving like she did with the first two cities. I like how Daenerys wanted to see all the dead slaves because she wanted it to fill her with the hatred she had for their masters so she could remind herself how awful they are. I also like that it was shown briefly that as the dragons could bigger Daenerys has less control over them and they are dangerous even to her.
I enjoyed the brief scenes we got with Margery and Ollena where Ollena demand to get better jewelry for the royal wedding. I also liked Margery joke about how maybe she should let Joffrey pick out her jewels which would mean she end up with a necklace of sparrow heads and I like how Ollena reminded her to be careful of what she says even if it is just the two of them.
I am very interested in the characters Oberyn and Ellaria who are from Dorne and Oberyn is clearly interested in getting revenge against everyone with the last name Lannister for his sister's death. I'm just really interested in these characters and I can't wait to see more of them.I really enjoyed how Jamie spent the episode trying his best to get back to his old life in Kingslanding only for everyone to basically tell him he's worthless now because he lost his hand. I especially enjoyed the Jamie and Cersei scene where she got him fitted with a golden hand which he said was impractical. I find it so strange how everyone especially Cersei are made at Jamie for being held prisoner but it's something that I think fits with all the characters so I'm good with it. I also like the Jamie and Brienne scene where she wants Jamie to live up to his vows of bring Sansa to safety and how Jamie points out that he can't really do that now that her mother is dead.

I really loved Arya's scene which had her confronted with the man that killed Lommy and stole her sword. I really loved how the her killing of the man in the exact same way he did Lommy and how she clear took some joy out of this showed how Arya isn't just some badass character but a very disturbed character which I think the show seems to shy a bit a way from at least compared to the books where it's a lot clearer that she's a bit mentally unstable.
Overall great start to a season which I'm sure will also be great.

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