Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top 10 Characters that own my heart

By own my heart I pretty much mean that there character just spoke to me a lot and am very attached to them and for one reason or another their very important to me so I hate seeing hate about them more than I usually do for characters I love. This list is one that includes characters that are very important to me but might not make on my all time favorite character list although some do so I'm taking the chance to talk about them now.
1. Laura Wingfield(The Glass Menagerie): Laura is very important to me because she's the fictional character that I relate to the most she incredibly shy to the point that it effects her life negatively because interacting is far too nerve wracking for her so she shies away from it and therefore she shies away from just about everyone and everything. I also love how she prefers to make up a fantasy world than deal with the real one which is another thing I relate to her with.
2. Sansa Stark(A Song of Ice and Fire): I love Sansa because she is someone I understand and feel for so much and I never expected to have a character like her in a series like this. I love Sansa because she is actually what a lady of her time is suppose to be and she tries to live up to all the lessons she has been taught and all she wants out of life is for it to be nice and pretty like the way it is in songs she was raised on. But sadly Sansa has to see every ideal that she was raised be destroyed in the cruelest way possible and she has to adapt to an environment where she knows that one wrong word can get her killed and she learns fast and she learns well how to play the game and uses her courtesies the very thing that she is mocked for believing she uses not only to survive but also she saved a man's life with it. I love that Sansa still believes that people are generally good even though she has seen so many terrible things and met so many terrible people she doesn't give up on kindness like almost everyone else would and I can't help but admire her for that.
3. Charlie(Perks of Being a Wallflower): Charlie is a character that I love because I just love the way that he thinks with him always wanting the best for everyone even if they aren't someone he knows or someone who is mean to him and that's something I don't see often enough. I love that he loves to read and he writes the letters the story that make up the novel because he needs to someone to just listen and I love that he's a bit damage as well.
4. Tohru Honda(Fruits Basket): I love Tohru because she is just so incredibly kind she can find good in absolutely everyone and she tells them what she sees about them that makes them good and that's really important in this series because so many characters hate themselves and her acceptance of them helps them start their paths to recovery. I love that she has such a big heart and I love that she has trouble with crying for herself or mentioning when things are wrong with her because she doesn't want trouble anyone. I love that she's a bit of a ditz as well and she's pretty girly as well, I really just love everything about her character and I wish that I was more like her because more people should be as kind and accepting as she is.
5. Sakura Kinomoto(Cardcaptor Sakura): Sakura is another kindhearted heroine I love and I love her for being very friendly and optimistic. Sakura is someone who I think is a pretty good representation of a really likable ten year old and I like that she acts her age it's part of her charm. I also like that Sakura is pretty good improvising and thinking about things in a new way which is what leads her to become the new cardmistress. I always love how she treats everyone as a friend even if they try to become rivals with her she's just like no we're friends and they eventually becomes friends I just think it's nice.
6. Caroline Forbes(Vampire Diaries TV): I love Caroline because she's a bit of a control freak, can be a mean girl, started off the series feeling very insecure because she was always consider second best compared to Elena, she's optimistic, she's a really good friend and she cares so much about everyone. I loved Caroline since episode one and I haven't really stopped although I have stopped watching the show, I loved human Caroline where she came off looking bad more often than not because she was always trying so hard because everyone around her made her feel like she wasn't good enough so she spent her time trying to prove them wrong. Later on Caroline became a vampire and she became physically strong and she started to gain self confidence and the people around her started to notice her positive qualities rather than her negative ones and this made her not have to try quite as hard all the time although she can still be a bit of control freak like when she's planning an event. I love Caroline both for who she started out the series as and the person that she became later on.
7. Stiles(Teen Wolf): I don't think I've ever wrote about why I love him as a character before so I might not explain why I love him in a way that makes a lot of sense but I'm going to try. I'll start off with the reasons that pretty much everyone loves first I love that he's sarcastic and that he's a really loyal friend with how he never once thought of abandoning Scott during all the werewolf stuff because he could never leave Scott even though the supernatural world is really dangerous and he has a choice if he wants to be part of it but really if Scott's part of it Stiles is part of it. I love he's human and that he's still useful in the story I love the way that they handle him being a regular human in that they don't make him someone that has to be saved all the time just that he doesn't have special abilities like most everyone else and that not being able to do those kind of things make him feel defenseless sometimes but doesn't mean that he'll ever back down to a villain or even let them know how scared he is. I love that he does a pretty good job as a detective/investigator type and is able to figure out most things, I like that he's smart even though he may not come off that way at first because he tends to ramble and talk without thinking first. I love that he's pretty awkward in a lot of ways and I love that there's really only a small group of people he's close to and he would do anything for them. I love that he always says he's fine and he never is this trait worries me as well but I'm always interested in characters who no matter how much trauma they go through insist that they're fine or not important and he is one of those characters that is like that, I like he worries all the time about the safety of his love ones but think it's ridicules if they worry about him even when they have good reason to. This is getting a bit long and I could say a bit more but I feel I shouldn't here.
8. Lydia Martin(Teen Wolf): I love Lydia because she was first represent as this mean popular girl but she has grown a lot over the course of the series and there's a lot more layers to her than I originally thought there was. I love that Lydia's a secret genius and I love that as time goes on she realizes she doesn't have to hide her intelligence. I love that she is highly fashionable and highly intelligent because I feel that those traits don't mix often enough in fiction. I love that since she's been introduced to the supernatural world she has been able to figure out ways to help and helped saved people better than anyone could ever expected. I love that Lydia decided that she was going to embrace her abilities that she didn't understand in hopes of being able to something to save people rather than just find their bodies. I love that she is much more compassionate than anyone would have suspected and I like that we get to see her good side now more than her bad side and that she seems to care less about being the person people expect her to be now is just herself.
9. Scott McCall(Teen Wolf): I love Scott because he's just the sweetest guy and he's totally adorable but most of all I love that he's heroic. I love that Scott always wants to save everyone no matter what and that he thinks that killing someone is never an answer to a problem and that he always does everything he can to find another more peaceful solution to the problem. I love that Scott cares about people that other's people's happiness is more important than his own and how he'll do whatever he can to help someone out whether they're a friend or a strange. I love that collateral damage is unacceptable to Scott because it's so rare to see a character to care about the nameless victims but Scott cares and makes me love him more. I love that Scott admits that he almost never knows what's he's doing but he's always trying to do the right thing.
10. Alison Argent(Teen Wolf): I love Alison because she wants so badly to prove to herself that she's strong and she is and she can most definitely take care of herself. I like that while Alison is a very good fighter she still feels very much like a teenage girl and she has moments of vulnerability that she way too hard on herself about. I love that Alison found a way to save her friends and I love that she changed her family code to one that wasn't about killing so much as it was about protecting the innocent which is what being hunter is suppose to stand for and I love that Alison proceed to live by that code.


  1. Great topic! I adore Charlie from Perks, he is such a wonderful character. He is really damaged, but I love that boy. He was so nice and so sweet, such a brilliant character. Here's my TTT

    1. Thanks for the comment and I'm glad to hear you adore Charlie as well since he's such a lovable character.