Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thoughts on Games of Thrones Breaker of Chains(4.03)

I really loved how at the beginning of this episode Sansa finally escapes Kingslanding and from the way that Cersei seemed to be yelling for her head I think it was just in the nick of time. I love that after Littlefinger shoots Ser Dontos and reveals to Sansa that he was only doing his bidding with giving her the necklace and making sure she escape that Sansa is still very upset about his death and it still matters to her that he saved her life even if he had other motives she's still grateful for what he did. I also love how Littlefinger had asked Sansa if she remembers what he told her about Kingslanding and she did which is their all liars, while I don't exactly trust Littlefinger with Sansa since his interest in her has always been a bit creepy I'm looking forward to their interactions because their usually interesting and he teaches her so much without even knowing it and I always love those type of Sansa interactions the most.
I really loved how Margery seemed more upset that she doesn't have a better claim on being queen since Joffrey died rather than him being dead but I also loved how she wonder briefly if she's cursed because her last two husbands have died. I like that Ollena told Margery that while she might not have liked seeing Joffrey died she would have disliked being married to much more and I like that Margery main focus continues to be being the queen.
I liked how Tywin is very quick to take advantage of how Joffrey's death changes things for his family starting with how he starts to coach Tommen about what makes a king a good king right over Joffrey's body and I liked that he basically told Tommen to listen to council but most especially his counsel. I like that Tywin also seems to see this as an opportunity to make peace with the Dornish by offering Oberyn to be the judge for Tyrion's trial and a seat on the council but I'm not sure of how this is going to work out for him because Oberyn seem to have cared more about revenge than power and may just be accepting in order to see how he can use this position to his own advantage.
I really liked the cleverness that Arya showed when talking to the travelers on the road and how she was able to play on their sympathies in order to get a place to stay for the night and a meal for herself and the hound. I really love Arya's cleverness because it seems to be something that is less focused on than her fighting abilities even though it's just as important in her survival as fighting abilities are.
I enjoyed seeing Daenerys arrive at the last of the slave cities and giving a speech about how their masters are their enemy not her and how she freed two cities worth of slaves already and she wishes to free them too. I also liked that she shot the slave collars at them and I believe told them to put them on their masters.

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