Sunday, April 13, 2014

TV Review: Bates Motel: The Escape Artist(2.05)

                                        Bates Motel: The Escape Artist(2.05)Review
  • I liked how Cody waited to drop Norman off until after he woke up and even though his behavior worried her she didn't pry.
  • So I figured out that Zane burnt down Romero's house at the end of last episode and so he now has to stay at the motel. I loved Norma's reaction to finding out Romero's house was burnt down with wanting to know exactly what happened because I think that's fairly normal in that type of situation.
  • I liked that when Norman learned that Dylan moved out he thought that they should try to convince him to move back in although he dropped it as soon as Norma told him to it was nice that he did show some concern.
  • I liked how Norman pointed out to Emma that Gunner sells pot and I like Emma pretty much brought up her point about the rumors about Cody, I just find it interesting that they are both worrying about who each other is hanging out with being a bad influence.
  • I liked how Norman got to see how Cody has a bad relationship with her dad and that her home life isn't pleasant because it made it easier to understand why she doesn't like parents and finds it surprising that he gets along well with his mom.
  • I liked how Emma asked Norma about to expect for her first time having sex because she had no one else she felt comfortable talking to about this sort of thing.
  • I liked how Romero beat the crap out of Zane and threatened to bury him because quite frankly Zane deserved it.
  • I found the Nick Ford guy that Norma was working with on prevent the bypass from getting built to be very suspicious and I'm sure he's bad news based on Romero's warning for Norma to stay away from him.
  • I really like the relationship between Emma and Gunner they're really cute together and he seems to really like her and I like that he was concerned for her safety when she took off her oxygen towards the end of the episode.
  • I liked how Norman told Cody about how he has had a couple of blackouts before even though he tried to downplay it I'm glad he was honest with someone about it. I liked how Cody showed Norman her tree house which is clearly somewhere that is just her own so I enjoyed the two of them opening up to each other.
  • I really liked the scenes between Norma and Romero where she kept trying to help him out and he was getting annoyed by it and she also kind of gave him crap about never smiling when he actually did smile, I just really loved their dynamic in this episode.
  • I liked how Dylan tried to call Norman while he was waiting for Zane.
  • I think it was pretty nice and stupid of Dylan to risk his life to save Zane's considering how much trouble Zane has caused everyone since he came back to town.
  • I liked how Norma was fairly reasonable with how she told Norman she didn't want him hanging out with Cody anymore.
  • I'm curious about Zane's sister and I think it's cool that she's the one actually in charge of the drug business.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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