Monday, April 21, 2014

TV Review: Bates Motel: Plunge(2.06)

                                                   Bates Motel: Plunge(2.06)Review
  • I liked that at the beginning of this episode Norma tried to get out of her business deal with Nick Ford after she suspects he killed Lee Berman.
  • I liked how the girl who's in charge of the pot business brought Dylan back to her house and took care of him and wanted to makes sure no one came after him.
  • I think it's odd how much Christine wanted Norma to take the open seat that was available on the council.
  • I liked how Norma told Cody that she didn't want Norman drinking due to medical reasons which seemed reasonable to me.
  • I liked that Norman told Cody he was sorry about how things were with her dad.
  • I liked how awkward it was for Norman and Emma when they met up on their separate dates with Cody and Gunner and I liked how Cody and Gunner were so causally about the whole thing and friendly towards each other.
  • I liked how George helped Norma prep for her meeting with the Mayor and told her that her personality was the best thing she brought to the table and that he was confident she knew her stuff.
  • I liked how both Norman and Gunner were worried about Emma doing the rope swing but at the same time I liked how Emma encouraged her because she treated her just like she would anyone else which is also nice.
  • I liked how Norman saved Emma when she almost drowned and had very short breaths after doing the rope swing.
  • I didn't like how Norman lost it on Cody because it was something that clearly was an accident and it was clear she felt bad about it afterwards.
  • I liked how the girl who's in charge of the pot business told Dylan that he was to run things secretly because her brother clearly can't handle the job.
  • I liked how Emma thank Norman for saving her and that she was grateful for his concern for her and I liked that they both cared about if the other was okay.
  • I liked how Cody said she was sorry for pushing Emma to do the rope swing and that Emma said it was fine and she wanted to do it anyways.
  • I liked that Cody told Emma about Norman's blackouts because after the day before she was really worried about him and felt she should tell someone.
  • I find it strange and a bit frightening for Norma that it seems she only really got the seat on the council because Nick Ford wanted her to and that she really isn't done working with Nick Ford.
  • I liked how Norma stopped Norman from getting his license after she found out that he was having blackouts still because it's really not save for him to be driving if he has those.
  • While I liked that Norman defended Cody against her father and I didn't like him I don't think him being dead is going to work out well for her either.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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