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TV Review: Star-Crossed: Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend(1.03)

                            Star-Crossed: Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend(1.03)Review
  • I find it interesting that Terri's tribe has a plant that can give someone dreams and I find it interesting that Terri and Roman use to date.
  • I liked how Julia was so excited to be going to high school for the first time and just seemed to be genuinely excited about everything.
  • I liked that Emery was worried about how Roman had been ignoring her since the carnival and I like that Roman is only avoiding her because he thinks that it will keep him safe.
  • I like how it seems Lucas and Sofia seem to have developed a sort of friendship.
  • I like how Emery wanted to make a video that would show the Atrains side of what happened on arrival day to show at the tenth anniversary of the crash.
  • I like how this episode told us that Drake was so aggressively against humans because he lost about half his tribe on arrival day.
  • I liked how Grayson offered to help Emery with the filming of her video since she knows pretty much nothing about video cameras.
  • I liked how Julia confronted Roman about how he saved her life using cypher and I liked how when Roman explained why he needed her not to tell anyone about what he did she understood and agreed to it.
  • I found the whole thing with Julia's veins turning blue to be quite worrying but I'm glad there was a cure for that side effect and that Roman helped her get that cure.
  • I liked how Roman got information about how to cure Julia's blue vein side effect from Castor without telling him anything and that he pointed out that he still doesn't trust Castor but does know that he can be useful.
  • I liked how Sofia invited Emery to her pod and shared her story of arrival day with her and I liked how she once again showed her eagerness with wanting to befriend humans.
  • I like that Roman kept the star that Emery made for him on arrival day in his room still.
  • I liked how Julia pointed out that Roman had been acting like a jerk to Emery and I like that they also both agreed that might be the only way to protect her at the moment because Emery can be awfully stubborn.
  • I was sad to learn that Drake had wanted to become a member of the Trags for awhile now and that he finally got his chance to join them.
  • I like how when Roman was being threatened by her mom Terri agreed to the lie about them suppose to be meeting for a date in order to save him from being tortured.
  • I like that even though Terri's mother is the leader of Trags Terri seems conflicted about joining their cause.
  • I like how a little Atrain girl went to show Emery a picture of her mother that was drawn on the wall of the missing which is a sacred place for Atrains and asked her to send a message to her mother who she believes is still out there somewhere alive.
  • I liked that Castor's move to figuring out Emery's relationship with Roman was to act friendly towards her and flat out ask her and I also liked that she felt uncomfortable being alone with him.
  • I liked that Terri gave Roman the plant that he needed to cure Julia's side effects from the cypher and that in the end it did cure those side effects.
  • I was sad that Emery's video was destroy and made into red hawks propaganda when it was suppose to move forward the idea of humans and Atrains being able to coexist.
  • I liked Roman's speech where he shared how a human saved his life on arrival day and believes that their are more humans that want peace out there than ones that want war.
  • I was sad that Terri decided to embrace her destiny and join the Trags.
  • I'm glad that Emery found out that Grayson is a Red Hawk and that he's the one that screed up the video and that she's really upset about this.
  • I don't know if I believe Grayson or not when he says he doesn't really want to be part of the Red Hawks because I can't tell if he's just really sneaky with his Red Hawkness or if he is actually what he seems most of the time.
  • I really don't like the Trags being able to make black cypher which seems to eat away at peoples skin.
  • I was surprised to learn that Gloria the woman in charge of integration program as an Atrain child.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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