Monday, April 21, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose(4.02)

I overall thought that this was a very good episode and I liked how it fulfilled a wish that I had for a long time. The main event of the episode was Joffrey and Margery's wedding and while plenty of Joffrey's actions with how he thought the mocking of horrific murders was hilarious was hard to watch with how uncomfortable it made everyone it also highlighted just how awful Joffrey was. Throughout the episode I really enjoyed that there were quite a few little moments between Sansa and Tyrion like when it was announced that Joffrey and Margery are now married Sansa mentions how they have a new queen and Tyrion replies better her than you and I liked how Sansa picked up the cup and handed it to Tyrion when Joffrey was trying to humiliate Tyrion by having him crawl under the table. I really enjoyed these small moments were they showed they cared about others feelings because it's nice to see small gestures of kindness in this show.
While I hated how Joffrey did his best to find a way to humiliate Tyrion whether it be to try to get him to join his skit of dwarves or become his cup bearer I liked how Tyrion kept one uping Joffrey with his words because I always enjoy Tyrion's wit and I always enjoy Joffrey being made a fool. I loved that Tyrion refused to kneel before Joffrey no matter how angry Joffrey got. I really loved that better much everyone was clearly infuriated by Joffrey and his behavior during the wedding I especially loved how Margery would go from glaring at Joffrey to trying to defuse the tension by having him focus on her and their wedding rather than tormenting people. I have to say I was very happy to see Joffrey be poisoned and I was glad that his death seemed somewhat painful because he has gotten many people killed through out the series and tormented even more people so I was happy to see him go although I'm not happy that Tyrion is probably going to be punished for his death because it's clear to me that he's not the one that killed him.
Also in this episode was our first sighting of Bran this season and I was very happy to see him again. I liked how it showed that Bran had been spending a lot of time as a wrag inside his direwolf and I liked how Jojen and Meera warned him of the negative effects of spending too much time inside of something else like forgetting how you really are and what it means to be human. I also find it very interesting that Bran seemed to get some sort of vision from the tree he touched.

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