Sunday, April 6, 2014

TV Review: Star-Crossed: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends(1.02)

                  Star-Crossed: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends(1.02)Review
  • I find it interesting that the Atrians have a terrorist group called the Trags who are using Roman's father's death as a way to build any army.
  • I love that Roman is offended by the Trags using his father's death as a reason to start a war especially since their group as against everything his father stood for.
  • I like that Roman is distrustful of his Uncle Caster wanting to help out after his father's death because him and his father would always get into fights when they were together.
  • I like that Emery feels bad that her father killed Roman's even though she knows it was accidently and how she just really wants to be there for Roman to help him through loosing his father.
  • I like that all Julia can remember about her  almost dying and then being cured by her cancer is that a blue angel saved her.
  • I liked that what Emery cared most about was that Roman was hurting and that she thanked him for saving Julia's life even though he denied that he did that.
  • I find it interesting that there's a group of extreme Atrian haters called Red Hawks who thinks all Atrians are evil and wants them gone.
  • I liked how Emery told this group of people that it isn't right for them to judge the Atrians when they didn't even know them and the ones that are attending school are in no way terrorist. I also liked that Lucas videoed this and put it on his blog and this led to the Atrians being allowed to come to the school's carnival.
  • I like how Taylor really doesn't care that the Atrians are coming to the carnival and thinks it's ridicules that people are bringing politics into a carnival.
  • I liked how Emery went over and said sorry to Greyson about ditching at the party last episode and I liked that he accepted it easily and didn't make her feel bad about anything.
  • I find it interesting that Greyson has a brother that died on arrival day but he isn't antagonist towards any of the Atrians.
  • I find it interesting that Atrians still have leaders of all of their majors tribes as a way of governing themselves and that they want peace between themselves and the humans. I think that being a leader to his whole tribe has got to be a lot of pressure to put on Roman but considering his  Uncle's history of being a Trag I can see why he doesn't trust him in that position of power.
  • I like that Roman planned to find out what the Trags were up to by pretending he was interested in joining them.
  • I like how Roman told Emery that he thought it was a nice thought trying to bring humans and Atrians together even though he doesn't think they shouldn't be together.
  • I liked how when Roman found out that the Trags were going after Emery and her family he made sure that he was there to prevent anything from happening to her and that he trusted Caster to deal with the Trags inside the sector.
  • I liked how Julia was excited about having her first job and about seeing the Atrians.
  • I like the moment where Taylor and Drake were randomly flirty with each other.
  • I liked how a little girl gave Terri a bracelet and she accepted it.
  • I liked how Greyson told Taylor he could pull off dark and mysterious this line just made me laugh.
  • I liked how Lucas and Roman's sister who's named I still don't know where flirting with each other.
  • I liked how when Roman told Emery that she was in danger she suggested that the two of them stick by each other and inside a crowd where guards could clearly see them.
  • I liked how Emery told Roman about the tradition of each new student putting their handprint on a rock and then she had them both do that and said that even though they're different in most ways in some ways they're the same. I liked how Emery reminded Roman of his father because they both have faith.
  • I liked how Greyson helped Emery rescue Drake from the Red Hawks who wanted to feed him to an alligator.
  • I was surprised that one of the guards at the school turned out to be an Atrian who has had his markings removed and is a Trag which leads use to believe that the Trags have a much bigger army than originally suspected.
  • I like that Julia may have figured out that it was Roman who saved her life.
  • I liked that Roman decided to trust Caster because he simply isn't ready to be the leader of his tribe yet but he will remove him if he suspects that Caster is disloyal.
  • I'm sad that Roman was right to distrust Caster he just doesn't know this yet.
  • I was surprised and a bit upset to learn that Greyson is a member of the Red Hawks and that the reason he helped saved Drake earlier is because he thought that their plan was stupid and too risky to ever pull off.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.


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