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TV Review: Revenge: Blood(3.18)

                                                     Revenge: Blood(3.18)Review
  • I thought it was sad that Aiden found his father's body when he was little but I also think this episode spent far too much time on Aiden's family.
  • I think it was pretty rude of Pascal to use Conrad's help to win Victoria over but then completely back out of his business deal with Conrad.
  • I love that Charlotte was mad at Daniel for interfering with Jack and Margaux's relationship and that she doesn't care what's up with Jack and Emily's relationship because Jack has been nothing but nice to her.
  • I'm glad that Emily and Aiden weren't actually engaged again and that they just said they were to give Aiden's mother some happy news while they try to get some new information from her about the events leading up to his father's death.
  • I felt bad for Jack when he tried to give Margaux the keys to the new house but she was to busy with work to notice he even tried to give them to her.
  • I liked how Nolan with his business deal with Javier only gave Javier 30 percent probably because he doesn't really see Javier as reliable and he is living in Nolan's house for free and only because no one else is willing to have him.
  • I feel bad for Margaux with being the one that worked the hardest but she ends up finding out her father is giving the company to her idiot brother once he retires.
  • I like how Victoria went to Mason to get information about Emily and I like how Mason indicated that he knows something but he refuses to give it away for free.
  • I liked how Conrad was able to get a media deal with a South America company and steal it from Pascal because he found out that Pascal's son was taking over in two years.
  • I kind of really Margaux and Daniel's relationship because they have so much history together and he does seem to really believe in her but Daniel's been such an ass these past couple of episodes and I really like Margaux and Jack's relationship so I also kind of dislike it as well.
  • I think it was pretty hypocritical for Margaux to be mad a Jack for being jealous when last week Margaux acted way more jealous about Emily and Jack and had less reason to than Jack did about her and Daniel.
  • I liked how Mason told Emily that he was getting impatient of waiting for her to finish things and I like that Emily was force to find away to get him out of there sooner than she planned.
  • I loved the conference called between Emily and Nolan and Jack probably my favorite scene of the episode I like how it had to be explained to Jack what was going on with Mason since he wasn't in the know the last time he appeared.
  • While I find it weird that Javier and Charlotte are dating already I like that Nolan seems annoyed that it's distract Javier.
  • I dislike Charlotte starting to think badly of Jack because he's helping Emily out with stuff.
  • I liked how Daniel told Pascal that Margaux is incredibly talented and that he's foolish to ignore her.
  • I like how Stevie went in to give Mason the deal that Emily had for him because it's the only way to not have conversations recorded is through a lawyer.
  • I'm glad that the trip to England that seemed to just keep Emily away from the rest of the plot did at least get her another name of a reporter who faked his own death for her to look into.
  • I liked how when Victoria went to Conrad to ask him to get Mason out of jail because she wrongly assumed he framed him Conrad acted all offended that he got arrested at their wedding last season which I just found really funny.
  • I liked that Javier had to ask if anything had every happened between Emily and Nolan since Nolan would clearly do anything for her. I find it odd that the writers keep denying that Emily and Nolan could ever happen but they also have new characters wonder if they have or had a romantic relationship.
  • I like that Pascal in the end decided to give Margaux control of his company when he retires instead of his son.
  • I really dislike that Emily and Aiden are back together and I really dislike how much screen time their making out seems to get it always seems to go on for forever.
  • I feel bad for Stevie since she thought she got Mason killed and I hated how Victoria threw that in her face and then left her with an open bottle of alcohol.
  • I think it's probably in Stevie's best interest to leave town but since I liked her quite a bit I'm a bit sad to see her go.
  • I kind of like that Stevie pointed out to Jack that he loves Emily because even though I don't ship them at all at least like their friendship so I would much prefer them over Emily and Aiden which I hate because I hate Aiden.
  • I liked how Emily gave Mason a face cream that made his body mimic death for 12 hours and that got him out of prison and Emily sent him off to a remote part Europe until her mission is completed.
  • I like that Mason said he was loosing faith in Emily but his faith has now been restored. I also liked how Nolan told him that we have to be assured of his loyalty, I just loved his referring to himself and Emily as a we.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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