Saturday, May 3, 2014

TV Review: Star-Crossed: Dreamers Often Lie(1.05)

                                   Star-Crossed: Dreamers Often Lie(1.05)Review
  • I liked that the Atrian seven were allowed to go around time in this episode.
  • I liked that although it's obvious that Roman likes Emery that he still wishes her luck in her relationship with Grayson.
  • I liked how Lucas continued to help Roman out with finding out who his father was talking to.
  • I really dislike how the Trags are working on a plan to kill all the humans in the area with black cypher. I like that Drake seemed at least a little conflicted about it and I understood why Terri was upset that her mother trusted him with the mission more than her.
  • I liked how Grayson went to help out Eric when he was being chased by the cops because he was helping out some fellow Red Hawks but I felt bad that Grayson was the one who got caught when he did nothing expect pick up a friend.
  • I like how Gloria in this episode decided that she needed to find a safe place for her son and that she needed to find algita the fabled safe haven for Atrians but she knows that she needs an Atrian to lead the way so she leaves clues so that Roman would lead her there.
  • I liked how Taylor decided to be nice to Sofia and take her shopping in order to learn more about Drake.
  • I liked how Roman spent his day in town looking for algita and that he invited Drake to come along with him because he knows that Drake has talked about finding it in the past but sadly Drake would rather help make a black cypher outbreak happen.
  • I liked that Grayson didn't want to let Eric take the fall for something he didn't do but rather the guys that he was with did and that him and Emery worked together to find those guys so that they could turn them in.
  • I think that Drake was pretty dumb to assume that Taylor was the atrian contact that had there marks removed that he was suppose to meet because she was very clearly flirting with him and once they were alone the first thing they did was hook up.
  • I was surprised that the outside Atrian contact was the girl who he had seen before as Taylor's friend although it's pretty clear they're not really friends considering she's excited for her to die in the near future.
  • I felt bad for Taylor when Drake got mad at her once he realized she wasn't an Atrian especially when he got mad that she was human and she pointed out that he didn't seem to mind a minute ago. I was sad that Taylor was so hurt and confused over Drake's actions.
  • I liked that Emery saved herself and Grayson from being beaten by the Red Hawks by telling them that she recorded what they admitted to beating that guy and that she was able to convince them to confess to their crimes.
  • I liked how Taylor and Terri got drunk together and that Taylor told Terri that she didn't need a man and stuff it was actually pretty funny.
  • I liked that we got to learn that Drake's mother was put in this place called the crate I believe and that's a big part of the reason he wanted to join the Trags so badly.
  • I felt bad for Roman when he learned that his father had a child with Gloria and that he doesn't really know who his father really was anymore.
  • I find it interesting that Sofia developed a crush on Taylor and I like that Lucas seemed to like Sofia although considering Sofia's feelings nothing is likely to happen with that.
  • I liked that Emery and Roman shared a brief moment together before Roman had to go back to the sector.
  • I liked how after Roman figured out that Drake had joined the Trags that he tried to convince him that the Trags weren't the answer to their problems but sadly Drake is more committed than ever to the Trags and their cause.
  • I'm glad that Gloria's son was able to go to Algita and she was promised that he will be kept safe.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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