Saturday, May 3, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Revolution(3.20)

                                                  Revenge: Revolution(3.20)Review
  • I enjoyed Conrad being impatient with Aiden getting what he wants from Pascal and I liked that he made a vague threat towards him.
  • I think it's odd that Victoria to find it strange or suspicious that Pascal proposed to her despite the fact they had really only been seeing each other for about a week or so at this point.
  • I liked how when Emily and Nolan were setting up for her newest plan to get to the Graysons that Nolan was trying to vent about how upset he was that Javier screwed him over.
  • I liked that Daniel and Margaux seemed to be happy for Victoria and Pascal when they told them that they were engaged.
  • I thought the whole plan with Aiden kidnapping Pascal and Emily pretending to be a homeland security agent was pretty risky but it seemed like Pascal somewhat bought it so it worked out better than I expected it to.
  • I was pretty intrigued by the mystery of who was sending Charlotte letters while pretending to be David Clarke partially because I thought it could mean that David Clarke is alive although that doesn't appear to be the case.
  • I liked how Conrad went over to basically tell Victoria he isn't exactly happy to see her out of his life and to basically make her have another reason to doubt Pascal once again.
  • I liked how Charlotte went to Jack  in order to have him help her find out who the letters she was getting sent were from and I like that Jack went to Nolan to find were the letters were sent from although he didn't tell Nolan what the letters were.
  • I liked that Emily was able to convince Pascal to get enough evidence to get Conrad thrown in jail for her.
  • I liked that Victoria became suspicious of Pascal when he overreacted about her asking about his day and that she worries when she thinks he's talking to homeland security and tells Daniel about it.
  • I think it was pretty awful of Daniel to plot Pascal's demise with Conrad while with Conrad it was something that was expected out of him but still a pretty awful thing to do.
  • I think it was pretty awful that Daniel made Margaux get in writing that she will be the one to get her father's company because he's planning on having her father killed soon.
  • I liked how at the launch for Javier's program that when Nolan's name wasn't on the guest list he pointed out that it was on the hardware which means he should be allowed in. I also liked that Emily and Nolan entered the party with their arms linked.
  • I liked that Nolan made a glitch occur in Javier's program to prove to the world that he and his program weren't ready to be given to the public yet.
  • I felt bad for Pascal when Conrad pushed him into the path of helicopter's propellers and then he died a bloody death, also it's pretty freaky how casual Conrad was about the whole thing.
  • I felt bad for Victoria and Margaux having to mourn Pascal's death especially with Victoria with how she knows Conrad killed him but she just can't prove it.
  • I'm very worried about Charlotte getting kidnapped by the freaky guy that was sending her letters and I really hope that she ends up okay in the future.
Please tell me your thoughts in this episode.

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