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TV Review: Revenge: Impetus(3.21)

                                                   Revenge: Impetus(3.21)Review
  • I found that it felt out of character that Emily was the one to have Charlotte kidnapped because in the past she had at least tried to make sure her revenge schemes didn't directly hurt her while this one puts Charlotte in a very traumatic situation.
  • While I liked that Nolan seemed to be uncomfortable with whole Charlotte kidnapping I feel that he didn't protest enough and that it was overall completely out of character that he didn't talk Emily out of his this scheme.
  • I like that Margaux is looking into her father's death because she believes that Conrad killed her father and she's right to think that since that's the truth.
  • I liked how when Javier said he was Nolan's friend that Jack remarked about he wasn't a really a good friend and I liked that he was the one that let Jack know that he didn't know where Charlotte was.
  • I thought that it was really creepy that Emily had an ear sent to Conrad and I really wonder where that came from in order to make it clear that he had to confess if he ever wanted to see Charlotte alive again.
  • I'm glad that it was the my clone app and not actually footage of Charlotte being tortured that was sent to Conrad but I still don't feel like this whole storyline was believable.
  • I liked that Emily pretty much admitted she has no idea what she's going to do after she finishes her revenge because she's devoted to it for so long.
  • I'm glad that the truth about David Clarke being innocent and Conrad being responsible for crimes that he was accused of were revealed to Charlotte but I feel like it could of been revealed to her in much less traumatizing way.
  • I liked that when Jack found the place where they were holding Charlotte that he pointed out how inexcusable and sick the whole thing was.
  • I liked that Conrad was willing to confess to his crime in order to save Charlotte's life.
  • I was annoyed by how Daniel tried to frame Emily for killing Pascal but I'm glad that she was able to get Nolan to alter the prints that were in the system so that even if the print on the wire was hers she wouldn't get arrested for the crime.
  • I thought it was strange that Aiden told Jack that things weren't going to work out with him and Emily and then by the end of the episode they were getting back together again it just felt weird.
  • I liked how Victoria it seemed figured out that Emily was the one that took Charlotte therefore she knew no harm would come to her so she refused to confess to the crimes.
  • I found the scene in the police station where Aiden randomly tackles Daniel and then Daniel was all like I'm pressing charges to be both ridiclues and hilarious.
  • I liked how the detective guy pointed out that Daniel had it out for her and that he was the one that should be careful.
  • I really wonder what version of the truth Daniel told Margaux because I doubt it's the full one because there's no way she would still like or trust him if he told her everything and I really didn't like the whole he might need her to save him thing since he's been pretty awful recently and he pretty much plotted her father's murder so she has no reason to save him.
  • I'm it was explained that Charlotte was released before a press conference was to be held so she could confront Conrad about his crimes and record with a hidden camera Conrad's admitting to them in a way that wouldn't be considered under duress.
  • While I'm glad that Emily finally got Conrad's confession I think they went overboard with Conrad's speech since he said that he would take Charlotte out while earlier in this very episode he was willing to confess his crimes to save her and she's always been his soft spot so that scene didn't feel right for his character.
  • I loved how when Conrad was waiting to be arrested that Victoria played the piano in celebration and he drank scotch as he promised that he'd find away to dragged her down with him and that she showed him the door as he was lead out by the police.
  • I liked that it was acknowledge that Emily really can't have a relationship with Charlotte now after what she had done.
  • I'm curious about the ring Jack found and if that means that David is secretly still alive or something like that.
  • I liked how Emily revealed that she was the one behind Conrad's demise and that she will be taking Victoria down next which pleased him greatly.
  • I overall felt that this was an episode I should have loved but I felt that a lot the characters actions didn't ring true to their characters so I was kind disappointed by it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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