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TV Review: Revenge: Execution(3.22)

                                                   Revenge: Execution(3.22)Review
  • I liked that Aiden encouraged Emily to enjoy her victory about Conrad's imprisonment rather then get her hopes up about her father when that will most likely lead to disappointment.
  • I found it a bit ridiculous that Conrad's lawyer tried to say that Conrad's confession was due to duress since he thought his daughter was in mortal danger when in that confession Conrad threatened to kill Charlotte in that confession so I'm glad that the judge also found this to be a ridiculous request.
  • I liked that Emily toasted to her victory over Conrad with Nolan, Jack and Aiden and that in the first part of the episode she was overall pretty happy which is something we don't get to see often.
  • I really think that Margaux should be less trusting of Daniel because it's pretty clear he's using her especially because he had her put him second in line for the company.
  • I like that Nolan and Javier seem to be a good terms again and that Nolan still intends for them to go ahead with making their app.
  • I like that it was clear that Conrad if he was lucky would get life in prison and that he found that prospect to be completely miserable because he really deserves that for all of the horrible things that he has done.
  • I like that it was confirmed that Victoria and the guy in the cabin were working together having to do with some plan Victoria had to prove Emily's true identity.
  • I liked that Emily was able to win her fight with Victoria's henchman even when he ended up drugging her at one point.
  • I like that Charlotte was working with a detective to figure out who was behind her kidnapping and that she is holding Victoria responsible for the terrorist attack even though Victoria to confess to it.
  • I liked that Michelle Banks the psychologist that had Emily committed on Victoria's request as a child was brought back in this episode and she was presented as someone who is only too willing to do what other's wanted her to do.
  • I found it a bit disturbing how Victoria had Aiden poisoned with a toxin that paralyzed him then she suffocated him, while I'm happy that Aiden is off the show I think it was unfair of Victoria to kill Aiden in revenge for Pascal's death when that death was Conrad's fault not Emily's.
  • I love that Emily finally got to see on the news that people were considering that her father was innocent and I like the moment when Jack told her did it and not only did she avenge her father but also Amanda and Declan.
  • I thought that it was extremely disturbing that Victoria brought Aiden over to Emily's house and she propped him up for Emily to find and listened to Emily's distant cries with a smile on her face in all honest it reminds me of a lesser version of what Angelus did in Passion and it's kind of terrifying that I'm comparing Victoria to Angelus.
  • I felt really bad for Emily having to find Aiden's body the way she did and while I've always hated Aiden I know she loved him so I'm sad to see her have to loose another person in this way.
  • I liked that Nolan was the one that tried to comfort Emily about Aiden's death and assured her that his death wasn't her fault.
  • I like that it was mentioned that Emily told the police that Aiden committed suicide because she wanted to go after Victoria herself and I like that Jack wanted to make sure that she didn't kill Victoria.
  • I liked how Emily confronted Michelle Banks about her part in Aiden's murder and that she also told her that she was the one that destroyed David Clarke's daughter.
  • I liked that Emily led Charlotte to believe that she was planning on digging up David Clarke's grave in order to get Victoria to believe that's what she was doing.
  • I like that Emily was actually digging up Amanda's grave as part of her plan t get Victoria locked away so that even though Victoria knows that Emily is Amanda Clarke no ones going to believe her now.
  • I like that once charlotte believes that Jack is the one that kidnapped her that she goes to police to get him arrested, I like this because from her point of view she is doing the smart thing and keeping herself safe, I also feel bad for Jack because he isn't actually the one that was behind her kidnapping and wanted no part of it yet he's the one being punished for it.
  • I think that Margaux's brother Gideon is a creep and I'm sad that Nolan might be stuck doing business with him. I did like that Nolan was clearly disgusted by Gideon when he saw that he let a girl overdose on coke and that he flat out said this isn't the way he does business.
  • I liked that Conrad escaped from jail only to be killed and I was extremely surprised to see that the one that stabbed him was David Clarke, I also found it rather poetic.
  • I think that David Clarke being alive twist could either be a really good storyline or a real bad one it all depends on how the writers handle it and I'm not sure how much I trust them on this.
  • I love that Emily had Victoria committed to the same mental institution that Victoria forced her mother into and that she even used Michelle Banks in order to accomplish her goal, I also found this to be rather poetic as well.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode and season as a whole.

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