Saturday, May 24, 2014

Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2

                                                  The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review
In this movie Peter Parker(Andrew Garfield) is doing his best to fulfill his role as Spiderman and is doing a fairly good job of keeping the people of New York safe although the media's opinion of him still isn't all that great. Peter seems to keep pushing his girlfriend Gwen Stacy(Emma Stone) away since he worries that her being in a relationship with him could end in her death so the two of them are broken up for most of the movie but still clear love each other and actually help each other through out the movie with the bigger plot related stuff.

There main villain of this movie is Max Dillon(Jamie Foxx) is a lonely man who t starts off the movie admiring Spiderman and due to a brief encounter with him begins to believe that the two of them are best friends. Max is also an employee at Oscorp and he is in an accident there involving electric eels that results in gain powers over electricity and he becomes Electro after he starts to believe that Spiderman doesn't care about him and just wants all the attention to himself.

Also in this movie Norman Osborn the founder of Oscorp dies from a genetic illness that he has been doing a ton of experimental research in order to find a cure for, his death leaves his son Harry(Dane DeHaan) who is a childhood friend of Peter's in charge of the company. Do to the genetic illness Harry is also dying and through out the movie he becomes more and more desperate to find one and he ends up believing that Spiderman's blood is the answer to his problem.

I overall really liked this movie I thought that it was a good story and that the acting and directing were good as well. I really enjoyed the characters especially Peter and Gwen and I also loved their relationship as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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