Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: Mockingbird(4.07)

In this episode Daenerys makes plans to retake Yunkai sending an army to over take it and she plans to have all the remaining masters killed despite how it became clear last week that her ruthless dealing with the masters was not as just as she originally thought of it as. After receiving some counsel from Jorah about how showing mercy would benefit her more in the long run Daenerys changes her mind and instead of having all the masters killed she will give them the choice to either live in her new world or die in their old world.
Tyrion after demanding a trial by combat at the end of the last episode is starting to see how while it felt good at the time to take that power away from Tywin it may not have been his smartest move considering there's no way he could win in a fight against the Mountain and he's having trouble finding a champion. Jamie would be more than willing to fight for Tyrion but having lost his hand recently knows that he doesn't stand a chance in the fight and Bronn's pretty sure that he is outmatched by the mountain and isn't willing to take that risk for Tyrion which Tyrion can respect because he's also admire Bronn's selfishness. Towards the end of the episode Tyrion ends up finding a surprising champion for himself in the form of Oberyan Martell who wants to be Tyrion's champion because he wants to fight and defeat the Mountain in order to avenge his sister's death and this trial has given him the perfect opportunity to do so.
Sansa ends up building a snow castle that is modeled after Winter Fell the home that she'll probably never see again but can't help but to long for sadly Robin ends up destroying the castle in tantrum and Sansa ends up striking him although it was well deserved she feels terrible about it afterwards. Sansa ends up questioning Littlefinger's true motives for killing Joffrey and ends up confessing to her that he has always loved her mother and felt that he had to protect her and then he kisses Sansa which makes her feel very uncomfortable. Lysa later on nearly throws Sansa down the moon door because she jealous of the kiss that Sansa clearly wanted no part of but Lysa refuses to believe Sansa's honest explanations luckily Littlefinger ends up stepping in and making sure that Lysa lets go of Sansa before he tells Lysa that the truth is he only ever loved her sister and then he pushes Lysa down the moon door.

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