Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: Oathkeeper(4.04)

I really enjoyed how this week's episode started out with Daenerys storyline since we ended on her storyline last week and I like how it was shown how she got members of her army to supply and convince the slaves of Meereen to fight back against their masters and that they did so. I liked how Daenerys has captured the city of Meereen and that the people seem to love her at the moment and I also love how she wants to punish the slave masters by nailing as many of them to post as they did of slaves because she saw that as a just punishment for what they had done and I like how Ser Barristan warns her that sometimes it's best to meet injustice with mercy rather than an eye for an eye like she is doing.
I really loved the scene between Sansa and Littlefinger where she asks him point blank if he was the one that killed Joffrey and even though he kept trying to talk around that point and not really answer the question she is still sure that he played a role in Joffrey's death. I also liked when Littlefinger brought up that he has no motive and that he implied that he did it to confuse people that Sansa calls him on that since she knows there's no way he would do something that dangerous just confuse people and than Littlefinger admits to wanting everything in a very creepy way. I also just loved how Sansa pointed out that Littlefinger isn't someone that can be trusted and that she was working it out in her head how he could've killed Joffrey because he obviously needed help to pull it out. I just really loved this scene because it shows how smart Sansa is and always shows how Littlefinger is in a way training her on how to play the game better.
I really loved how Margery was upset that Ollena was going to be leaving her alone in Kings Landing and I liked how Ollena told Margery to be sure to win Tommen's affections quickly because while their alliance with that Lannisters is still on she knows that Cersei would spend the years before they wed making Margery out to be villain because she doesn't want to loose her son to her. I loved the scene where Margery comes into Tommen's room in the middle of the night and arranges for the two of them to have secret meetings and we meet one of Tommen's kittens and I just love how charming Margery is here.
I like how Bronn convinced Jamie to go visit Tyrion while he was in jail and I like that after the meeting Jamie was sure that Tyrion isn't the one that killed Joffrey. I also liked that after Cersei told Jamie she was sending out knights to look for Sansa in order for them to bring them her head that he sent Brienne out to go look for Sansa and protect her like she promised Catlyn she would.

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