Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top 10 Covers that are Works of Art

1.Wicked Lovely series: I've always found these covers to be beautiful and even though I only truly care about two characters in this series I always think of these covers when asked about what covers are my favorite because the images are very pretty but also looks a bit magical and mysterious.
2. The Darkest Powers Series: These covers are fairly simple looking but I've always liked them even before I started reading this great series. I've just always loved the necklace on these covers and I like the way the girl looks that we don't quite see as well.
3. Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura Vol.2: I just really love the artwork on this cover and I especially love the way she's holding the fan and the sword in this picture. I also just generally love Arina Tanemura's artwork so there's that as well.
4. Cardcaptor Sakura Vol.3: I love Clamp's artwork in general and the style they used in Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favorites. I really love the color green in this picture and I always enjoy seeing Sakura's happy face as well.
5. Magic Knight Rayearth Vol. 3: I really love the Magic Knight Rayearth art style and I really like Fuu's dress in this image and I like her big sword as well.
6. Chobits Vol. 3: This is just another pretty picture by Clamp and I really love Chi's dress in this picture.
7. Magic Knight Rayearth II ombinous: Another pretty dress and pretty picture drawn by Clamp.
8. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 15: I really love this image because first of all Sakura and Syaoran together looking all cute is something I always love to see and second of all I love the uniforms and the idea of them having a regular and going to school but I also know this the volume that starts off the acid Tokyo arc which were everything starts to go to hell so it's a big contrast between the cover and what's inside this volume.
9. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 9: Another picture of Sakura and Syaoran but this time in snow I just really love all the covers with the two of them on it but I just choose this one and the last one represent that.
10. Gate-7 Vol. 1: Just another pretty cover by Clamp that I love.


  1. I could see Wicked Lovely on my wall too. Great choices! Thanks for stopping by my TTT :D

  2. Beautiful covers, especially Wicked Lovely!